Allama Syed Sulaiman Nadvi Biography: Great Biographer of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam the Greatest Man on earth Our Beloved Rahmatullil Alameen

Suleman Nadvi, Syed
 Birth . Safr 3, 1302H/ November 22, 1884
Death. Rabi'-ul-Oola 15. 1373H/ November 22, 1953

 One of the greatest historians and the greatest biographers of the Holy Prophet SALLALLAHU A'LAhi WASALLAM during his times. 
Born in a well-known Syed family of Desna, a viIIage in the district of Patna (Bihar. India).

 He received his early education from his elder brother. Then he joined the Arabic Madrasah at Phulwari Sharif and later enrolled himself in the Madrassa-i-Imdadia, Darbhanga. 

In 1901. he joined the Dar-ul-Uloom Nadvat-ul-Ularna, Lucknow, and completed education in 1908; Allama Shibli No'rnani RAHMATULLAH A'LAIIIE has been among his teachers. In 1906. he joined the staff of 'Al-Nadva'; a magazine brought out by the Dar-ul-Uloom. In 1908, he was appointed a lecturer in the Dar-ul-Uloorn, and for two years worked as an assistant to Allama Shibli Nornani. who was engaged in the preparation of his wellknown work, Seerat-un-Nabi (meaning, life of the Holy Prophet SALLALLAHU A'LAlliE WASALLAM). the major part of which, in fact, was completed in six volumes by Syed Suleman himself after the death of his illustrious teacher.

In 1924, he, on the invitation of King Ibn Sa'ud, headed a delegation of celebrated Muslim leaders to Makkah to participate in the 'Motamar-i-Alam-i-Islami', Delegations of almost all Muslim countries had participated in the conference and Syed Suleman Nadvi had been elected the vice-president of the conference.

The greatest achievement of Syed Suleman Nadvi RAIL\lATULLAH A'LAIHE was the establishment of 'Dar-ul-Musannifeen' (meaning, House of Writers) also known as the Shibli Academy at Azamgarh which became the pioneer in the field of literary and historical research in the subcontinent. He attracted around him a large number of talented scholars who carried on the literary mission of his ilIustrious teacher, Shibli No'rnani, with unabated zeal. 

This institution of learning. founded in 1914, continues to spread its lustre throughout the subcontinent and during the last 87 years of its existence has published some outstanding works on diverse branches of knowledge. Sycd Suleman Nadvi RAfL"'lATULLAH A'LAIHE was a prolific writer who wrote books on history, biography. literature and travelogue. 

His greatest work is the 'Seerat-un-Nabi' (Life of the Prophet of Islam) which has hardly any parallel in any language of the world. This work holds the position of reference and has since been translated into several languages, and is the most widely read book on the life and teachings of the Holy Prophet SALLALLAHU HAUIE WASALLAM. 

In 1910. he produced a very important biographical work, 'Seerat-e-Aisha, which is the most authentic book on the life of the Mother of the Believers Hazrat Aisha Raziallahu Anha.

 In 1912, he compiled a dictionary of new Arabic words.
 In 1918, he completed 'Arz-ulQur'iin' (meaning, Sites in the Qur'an) which is a priceless piece of historical research. He migrated to the newly born Pakistan in 1950, where he was immensely needed for guiding the framing of a truly Islamic constitution. 
The services of Syed Suleman Nadvi RAHMATIiLLAH A"LAlHE were recognized and his greatness as a great scholar was acknowledged during his lifetime. The Muslim University, AIigarh, conferred on himthedegreeof DLitin 1941. His death was mourned throughout the world of Islam and the loss of this great scholar, historian and religious writer was universally acknowledged. His death created a great void in the literary life of the subcontinent. Like all true scholars, he was the embodiment of humility and simplicity. He was unostentatious and never took pride ill his greatness.