Maulana Mufti Zainul Abideen Elder of Raiwind Markaz Lahore, Pakistan

Zaln-ul-Abideen, Maulana Mufti 
born. Rabi'-ul-Oola 5, 1335HI January 1,1917 
Born in Marri Indus (Mianwali, Pakistan), he went to school first and passed elementary examination. 

He did 'review of Hadees' from Dabhel (India) in 1940. Maulana Shabbir Ahmed Usmani (b. Muharram 10, 130SH/ September 29, 1887 d. Safr 20, 1369H/ December 13, 1949) has been his among his teachers. Tafseer and fiqh have been his special subjects. 
He came to the work of Tableegh in about 1943 and attended Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas RAHMAtullah A"LAIHE in the days of his last illness. He was in the 4th jamii'at which was sent to Sa'udia on July 6, 1947, in order to institute the work of Tableegh over there. Later, he was made the Ameer of Tableeghi Jamd'at in Sa'udia; there he spent about 2Y2 years.  He became the disciple of Sheikh-ul-Hadess Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya RAIIMATULLAH A'LAIHE in 1944. In 1963, he established Dar-ulUloom Faisalabad (Pakistan).  He has travelled from country to country in Tableeghi journeys. Human-development, Emaan (Faith) and sincerity are the main topics of his lectures. 
He speaks in the light of reason, and very frequently discusses the issue of human rights in the light of Islam and common-sense.

Taken from the book WORDS of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad IIyas at with thanks