Behaving good speaking Truth are means of Dawah, Case of Mufti illahi Baksh of Kandhla Muzaffarnagar Uttarpardesh India

As Salaam Alaykum.

In the village of Kandhala in India a dispute arose between the muslims and the Hindus over some land; the hindus claimed that the land belonged to them and wanted to build a temple on it, the muslims claimed the land belonged to them and wanted to build a mosque on it.

The case went to court, both sides were asked to produce evidence as to whom the land belonged to. The Hindus said there is a pious elder in our village called Illahi Baksh (ra) what ever testimony he gives we will accept it. The Muslims were delighted, after all one of their own would be able to testify on their behalf, so they also stated that Shaykh Illahi Baksh's(ra) verdict would be acceptable to them.

Shaykh Illahi Baksh(ra) was summoned to court and asked who the Land belonged to he said: " I don't know who the land belongs to, but one thing I do Know is that it does not belong to the Muslims."

So the Hindus Won the court case the deeds of the land were handed over to them. In the courtroom their was chaos, the Muslims were incensed, as the Shaykh was leaving the court people were jostling him, shouting insults calling him a Hindu agent etc.

As he managed to extract him self from the mob of Muslim's. the Hindus were waiting on the other side, the Hindus came over and said:"Maulana Sahib here are the deeds of the land , we want you to build a mosque, and we shall also worship in it, Maulana sahib we want to be Muslim just like you, for today you have proven the beauty and justice of Islam."

Shaykh Illahi Baksh by behaving justly in accordance with the teachings of Islam managed to win over a whole community, they all embraced Islam.

Something to reflect:

How often do we fall into the sin of injustice, we support our relatives in disputes with others even though we know they are wrong, similarly with those who belong to our ethnic group, tribe, clan, and those who are fellow muslim's we seek to make excuses for them in their transgressions towards others.
May Allah give us the Tawfiq and strength to stand for what is just, ameen.

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