Self Reformation a most critical, continuous field of effort of deen It is also a tool of Dawah

A poets says ' I thought everyone in the world was band and Evil until i got to know one person. That person was myself. From that day everybody else was the Best and i was the most evil and bad'

consider the dua of Jonah (a.s), when he said 'My rabb i am from those who have wronged themselves'

Indeed we present an image of respectability, virtue and piety whilst we are in the company of others; But in reality our hearts are truly sick.

As a pious saint once said; If my sins had a stench not a single person would be able to come near me."

Praise be to Allah who has hidden our faults, from his creation, for indeed if they were revealed even our nearest and dearest would be repulsed by us.

May Allah purify us all from the disease of hypocrisy, and purify our hearts and intentions, especially those of a sinner and hypocritic like me ameen.

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