Four things confirmed by tongue negated by deeds By Shaqeeq bin Ibraheem R.A. Tips for self reformation

Shaqeeq Bin Ibraheem (ra) says: 
" In four things a person conforms with me by way of his tongue but opposes me by way of his deeds.

1.) He says that we are the servants (and slaves) of Allah subhanahu wa tala,
Yet does the deeds of free people.

2.) He says that Allah subhanahu wa tala is responsible, for our sustenance, yet his heart is not at ease upon this responsibility until at such time that he is not in possession of any worldly material;

3). He says that the hereafter holds virtue over the world, yet he always worries about hoarding wealth for this world (he has no worry for the hereafter);

4.) He says that death is inevitable, it will definitely come, yet his deeds are like those who do not want to die."

In short we spend our whole lives in the pursuit of wealth, material things and violating the rights of others, It fails to register with us that one day we shall die, only our deeds will accompany us to the grave: Often we find people who fall out with their loved ones over something petty, they spend the rest of their lives in enmity, neither willing to apologise, or compromise.If one of them passes away then the one who remains alive is filled with remorse of course by then it is too late to make ammends.

Enhance your good deeds, settle your debts, Make ammends with those whom 
you have fallen out with, does it really matter whose right ,or whose in the wrong, Will our status be lowered if we are the ones who compromise and offer an apology.

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