To start the Dawah and Tabligh from Self, Self Reformation is the first step in effective Dawah but it will go simultaneous, continuous and endless

As Salaam Alaykum. 
A man was on his death bed, Someone asked him to give some wise counsel before he departed, the world he Said.

" When I was young I wanted to change the world and solve its problems, As I got older I realized that perhaps I should lower my sights, I thought I would be better served in changing my country as time went on I realized that people of country could not be changed. I decided to change the people of my town , but they also did not wish to change, When I reached my old age I thought I would try changing my Family, here also I found my endeavors go to waste, try as I might my family members would not change.

" Now that I am on my death bed, I have realized that if I had sought to improve myself, and removed my own defects, then perhaps my family members would have been influenced. Then seeing the behavior of my family people of my town would have been influenced. By seeing the spiritual change and improvement of the people of my town, the people of my country would have been influenced. And perhaps through the people of my country the world may have been influenced."
* Source Unknown.

Is it not the case that we spend very little time reflecting on ourselves, but seek out the faults and defects of others. 

  I wish to change the world but I find it near impossible, to change myself.

MaY Allah give us all the Tawfiq to improve our own behavior and conduct and a sinner like me in particular, ameen.

taken with Thanks to nick name Julaybib of sunniforum with some editing.