Maulana Saeed Ahmad Khan Makki Biography who established work of Tableegh in Arab World

Saeed Ahmad Khan, Maulana
b. 1903
d. Rajab 12, 1418HI November 14,1999
Born in Khera Afghan (Saharanpur, India), he got his early education and did matriculation from Islamia School Saharanpur. 
After an exchange of letters with Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi RAIIMATl!I.LAII .HAIIIE. he got admission in Jaami'a Mazaahir-e-Uloorn, Saharanpur, and completed education in 1360H (1941). 
Then he got himself attached to Hazrat Maulana Muhammad I1yas RAHMATL1.LAH
He was the ameer of the  jamii'at which was sent to Sa'udia in 1947 in order to institute the work of Tableegti over there. 
 There he spent the most part of his life. His speeches used to carry aheavenly tone. His contribution in establishing and running the work of Tableegh in the Arab-world is vital.
He was famous for his hospitality. His letters in respect of the principles of the work of Tableeg lt are very important, and have been published.