Tabligh Made Easy Book by Moulana Mufti Afzal Elias: A good account of Quranic and Ahadith evidence for different aspect of the Dawah work pattern carried by Tablighi Jamaat foreword by Fadhlur Rahmaan A'zami (Sheikul Ahadith – Darul Uloom Azaadville)

Valuable Comment
I have heard one of my students briefly recite to me this booklet
entitled "Tabligh Made Easy". The booklet is written by the
respected Moulana Mufti Afzal Elias  and concerns the proofs
for the various actions that the Tablighi Jamaat carry out. 

An endeavour has been made to prove every action from the sources of the Shari'ah. I hope that this booklet dispels the doubts of some people and makes them forsake their objections so that they could join the effort and benefit from its good and its blessings.

It is also hoped that our friends engaged in this effort would glean
added insight so that they carry out the effort with more sacrifice
and with the concern of reforming themselves.

It is however a proven fact that the truth, the veracity and the
benefits of the Tablighi effort make themselves apparent to the
person who applies himself and his wealth to it and who makes
sacrifices for it. 

It is for this reason that rather than concerning
themselves with replying to objections, the elders of this effort
devote more time to inviting people to participate in the effort.

 In this manner, the objections are automatically answered and a
person's heart is put at ease.
We pray that this booklet becomes a means of some people engaging in this effort and also a means of guidance. May it also be a treasure for Mufti Saheb in the Aakhirah. Aameen.
Fadhlur Rahmaan A'zami (Sheikul Ahadith – Darul Uloom Azaadville)
Tuesday - 27/06/1424 , 26/08/2003