Maulana Syed Abul-Hasau Ali Hasani Nadvi : A man of hope through a century

Abul-Hasau Ali Hasani Nadvi, Maulana Syed ALI Mian] 
b. Muharram6. 1333H1 November 25,1914 
d. Rarnazin 22,142OH1 December 31,1999.
One of the most Notable figure of last century of Islamic World. He has done scholarly work like an Academy, Ranging from Hadith, Islamic History, Dawah, Books for common Mass. 
He was one of the most impressive writer in Arabic language and Arab world. Founder member of Rabita Alam e Islami (Makkah , Saudi Arabia)

He was a man vested with a lot of qualities. Basically he was an orator, but at the same time he was a highly learned man. well versed in the art of transferring the thoughts of mind and words of mouth to the paper. He had the gift of tongues, His command on the Arabic Language was recognised by the great masters of the mother-tongue He. started his literary-life by writing the biography of the leader of the movement of the revival of iman and jihid by Hazrat Syed Ahmad Shaheed Barelwi and Shah Ismaeel Shaheed  RAHMATULLAH A'LAIHE. 
He sent this book to Maulana Muhammad Manzoor No'mani RAHMATULLAH A'LAIHE.. the compiler of the Urdu book •Malfoozat'. who. after reading that book. asked him whether he wanted to do something or he had just written the book. Then, these two young and courageous elders visited different parts of the country (the sub-continent) in order to find out a practical system of revivalism. This very search took them to the door of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas RAHMATULLAH A'LAIHE. Here, the thirst of their hearts quenched and their revivalist minds saw a way of practical work. 
From here the new chapter of Maulana Ali Mian's life starts. 
He was an early associate of the work of Tableegh, 
who actually gave the movement much needed inter phase between mewat and outside mewat among scholars and Ulemas.In 1939 he met Maulana Ilyas and both recognised each other. Maulana Ilyas used to have utmost love and respect for him and it was vice versa. Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi R.A started taking formal and active participation  along with Maulana Manzoor Nomani R.A and it helped much for spreading of work among Ulema and Madarsas. 
With there participation the work got an interface at a time when other Ulemas were not much attentive to the work. Maulana Ilyas has always acknowledged it and always praised Maulana Ali Miyan. He stayed completely at Markaz Nizamuddin with Maulana Ilyas life last 2-3 month and was one of the most trusted person of Maulana Ilyas.
He has written the Biography of Maulana Ilyas "LIFE AND MISSION OF MAULANA ILYAS"
He travelled from country to country to get the work of Tableegh recognised in the Arab-world and to get the support of their learned people and dignitaries. In this regard, his contribution is vital. He was in the 4th jama'at which was sent to Sa'udia on July 6, 1947, in order to institute the work of Tableegh over there. An important event of this journey was this that he wrote a booklet for presenting the work of Da'wat to King Sa'ud, which was read out to his successor, and which became the apparent source of getting his support for this work. This removed that farness and 'aversion' which was present in royal circles for Tableegh. 
His second journey in this connection was in.the company of Hazrat Raipuri RAHMATULLAH A'LAIHE.  and many other elders. After performing Haj he went to Egypt, then Sudan, and then Syria, and met important religious people, state officials and dignitaries, and presented the work of Tableegh in detail. He came back to India in October 1951. 

Hazrat Maulana Muhammad llyas RAHMATULLAH A'LAIHE.  always held him and his noble family in highest regard.
His (Maulana Ilyas) words about him: 

', ..The benefit which has been caused to Tableegh by your attentions, has not been caused by any ofthose who are attached with this work until now. May Alltih direct your holy attentions more and more towards this work. '- reflect his status in his sight.
 He paid his due of companionship with Hazrat Maulana Muhammad lIyas R.A. by writing his biography 'Hazrat Maulana Muhammad lIyas and the Revival of Da'wa!'. No reference on any aspect of Tableegh is complete without this book. (Urdu book MAULANA ILYAS AUR UNKI DEENI DAWAT).

He was not a Maulana in the traditional sense of the word, rather his personality had many shades. He read Tafseer from Mufassir e Quran Maulana Ahmad Ali Lahouri and Hadith from Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni R.A. at Darul Uloom Deoband. To achieve the quality of Ihsan/Tasawwuf/Sulook he attached with Hazrat Abdurraheem Sb Raipuri and in later life to Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Zakaria. 

His voice was heard with attention from the 
all circles weather seats of religious teaching of Madarsahs to the halls of Oxford and Cambridge, Madeena University etc. Arab World General Mass/Scholars/Kings-Rulers alike, All muslim groups were unanimous on his name.Even Non Muslim Politician Ranging from Ministers to Prime Minister of India respected Him.He gave a glimpse of earlier Aulia Allah like Hadhrat Moinuddin Chishti R.A.and Nizamuudin Aulia R.A. to whom even Non Muslims has respect.(Although rituals at their grave needs many correction. But Aulia Allah is free from all these) 
 He gave the message of Humanity through movement of PYAM E INSANIAT to whole fellow brothers and sisters of India. Everyone have acknowledged his miracle-writing/ moderation loving words and pen. 

He wrote many books on serious topics, which have been translated into many languages. He did masters from Lucknow University in 1929. He remained the member of the advisory committee of Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband, and the patron of Dar-ul-Uloom Nadvat-ul-Ulama,Lucknow. He was the director ofthe foundation summit.of the Organisation.of Islamic Countries (OIC) in 1962, and remained its member throughout his life. He was the founder-member of Islamic University. Madinah. Recognising his services to Islam, he was awarded King Faisal Award in 1980. In 1983, he was made the lifetime president of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Learning. 

He was like an organisation himself. 
He remained president of ALL INDIA MUSLIM PERSONAL LAW BOARD till his death.He was the spokeperson of Indian Muslims on all sensitive Issues who was the most suited person  acting as an interphase. 
His famous talk with Indian Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi on Shah Bano Case Issue was a turning point for indian Muslims.Every Indian politician irrespective of party has high regard and respect for him. 

May Allah give him Jannatul Firdaus and give the Islamic world more and more people like him (Ameen)