Haji Abdul Wahab sahib of Raiwind Markaz Pakistan: Life and Mission

Abdul Wahab sahib, Bhai [Haji sahib]
b.1923 (Nearly 91 years Old, May Allah preserve him)

The most loved, worry-laden and mobile elder of Raiwind, and one of the biggest caller to Allah of this age.

He was born in Delhi India. He was Deputy Collector (Tehsildar ) before the partition of India

After coming to pakistan he devoted his time and attention to the work of Tableegh and Dawat Ilallah. Allah accepted his Sacrifice.

Among his notable teachers is Maulana Maududi, from whom he studied Islamic Studies while he was in college.
 He came to the work of Tableegh in the life of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas RAHMATULLAH ALAIH; and is one of the first five persons who offered their lives for doing the work of Dawat o Tableegb and Islah in Pakistan. 
The love which Allah has planted in the hearts of people for him is a thing which the intellectual-rebels like us have been reading in books but have not seen with eyes.

His lectures carry a lot of food for thought. He is the gift of Allah for the people of this time. Whatever he says, it carries behind it a heavy weight of his long association with the chosen people of knowledge and practice. 

When he speaks. the words seem to be corning out of his heart and do not seem to be merely an oration. He is a truly practicing Muslim. He has also been rated as 16 th Most Influential Muslims among the list of 500 in the world.
May Allah give all of us taufeeq and Acceptance.