Five Amaal Masjidwar Jamaat Muqami Kam of Tablighi Dawah Home effort

Five Amaal of Masiidwar Jamat

ادع إلى سبيل ربك بالحكمة والموعظة الحسنة
Invite (people) to the way of your lord with wisdom and good counsel.    (Verse: 16:125)
ولتكن منكم أمة يدعون إلى الخير ويأمرون بالمعروف وينهون عن المنكر
And there has to be a group of people from among you who call towards good and prevent from evil. (Verse: 3:104)

The Work of Dawah and Tabligh has two facets

1.Going in the path of Allah for some days in Jamaat
2.Doing the Amaal and effort while being at home.

1.Going in path of Allah 
To learn deen, to learn practically Hikmat and Wisdom of Dawah and Tabligh, To learn basic knowledge. A person goes for learning and reinforcing it. Jamaat is on the basis of co-operating each other on Neki and Taqwa. They will learn each other not only knowledge............

But the quality of patience, humbleness, servicing others khidmat and similar other spritual quality

2. Muqami Amaal (Work of Dawah being at home)

After coming from path of Allah he has to dawah in his family,relatives,neighbours and his locality with Masjidwar Jamaat through (Daily meeting) Mulaqat,mashwara,and gusht of Five Amaal.

This is a continuous Process otherwise our JAZBAT will become cold. So Dawat should be Parts and Parcel of our life.

 Maulana Inaamul Hasan Made a formal Tarteeb of Muqami Kam (effort of deen while being at home) and it hlped the brothers to strengthen the qualities and gain achieved in the path of Allah. And established strong connection between Daee and the his neihbour and surrounding.

A brief description of Five Amaal 

1.    1. Daily Dawah ( Mulaqat)  
Make efforts to visit each and every house of the locality to revive the amal of Da'wah. Also spend time in Da'wah of Iman, halqas of Taleem of fazael, sending and receiving of jamats to and from inside and abroad, Elm and Zikr, hospitality of incoming guests and their Taleem and tarbiah.
 Brothers should eat and sleep at their houses. 2.5 hours are the minimum. Encourage brothers to give more time so that the masjid is populated by the amals of Masjide Nabawi throughout 24 hours. Ifa brother gives less than 2.5 hours, do not look down on them; appreciate whatever time they give. Specially for student Tarteeb is relaxed and they are encouraged to do even one Mulaqat at some institution it is tarteeb of only 10 minute for one Mulaqat. 10 minutes is very small but continuity/Istaqamat is very important and has long effect.

2. Daily Mashwara: 
Brothers should sit daily for mashwara and fikr for a short time after any salat to their convenience. They should review the efforts made on the earlier day and do Mashwara for the efforts to be made on that day to revive 100% namazi, recitation, Zikr, Du'a, Ibadath, husne akhlak/good manners and full Deen in the entire world.

    3Daily Taleem in Masjid and Home: 
In addition to Taleem in the masjid, efforts should bernade to conduct a Taleem in every house to increase the eagerness and urge of doing amal among the family, and to encourage the ladies to spend their 24 hour daily life as per Deen by inquiring from ulema through their men.
Taleem will encourage to be on complete deen, and increase the Emaan and the Promises of Allah.

4.Two Joulas (General Gusht) every week:

One for your mosque,
 other for nearby locality mosque
 Joula is general Mulaqat with all muslims irrespective of his status while going to their home/ Shops. Do it with Tawazo and Considering yourself as the most needy of Hidayat.
Make an effort to prepare cash jamats through every Joula. Through the second Joula, efforts should be made to develop work in every masjid of the city by forming masjidwar jamat

5.    Monthly 3 Days: 
Every worker should spend 3 days regularly by taking new brothers of his locality along with him. Through these 3 day jamats, efforts should be made to establish masjidwar jamats at all Masjids of the vicinity and for the progress of work in the vicinity.

May Allah give us taufeeq to be the part of effort of Dawt and Tabligh