Islam Emaan Yaqeen and Correct belief internal treasure for Muslim


Allah has kept the secret of total success of human beings upon the human's internal treasures, success and failure is another name for the human internal condition.

 Success and failure is not a name of external shapes and objects. Dignity and dishonour, happiness and problems, tranquillity and anxiety, health and disease, are human being's internal conditions.
The improvement and deterioration of these conditions is not related to external shapes and materials.

Allah can bring disgrace even in the presence of kingdom and wealth, and he can bring honour even in the state of dire poverty. A human's internal treasure is his yaqeen (Faith), and his a’mal (action); if his inner actions are good then Allah will create a state of inner success, even if material possession is totally exhausted.
Allah is the creator and owner of everything and every being of this universe. He made everything with his own power. Everything has been created by Allah. He is the creator and he is not created. And whoever is created is incapable of creating.

Whatever is made by Allah is under Allah’s. He owns everything. He uses everything and Allah can change shapes of everything by his power and he can change their qualities without changing their shapes.

 He can change a stick into a snake and a snake into a stick. Similarly he controls everything whether land (kingdom) or wealth, electrical or gaseous. He uses these things as he likes. He can bring about destruction from the means of creations and he can show creation from the means of destruction.

He runs the system of sustenance. If he wishes he can sustain somebody in a barren desert without any source of material and he can spoil life even in the midst of plenty of materials.

The prophet hadhrat Muhammad S.A.W brought many ways from Allah by which one can gain closeness with Allah and one can derive benefit directly from the power of Allah.

When these ways are adopted in our life, Allah will grant success in every shape and condition.

La ilaha illallah demands a change of our faith and zazba, (thoughts, temperament), and our ways. Just by changing the yaqeen (faith) Allah has promised a paradise many times the size of this universe. Allah will subdue (bring under our control) all those materials from which we have changed our faith.

To acquire this yaqeen/belief in our life: