Masjid e Nabwi Amaal (Action) prophet Sahaba period


The prophet S.A.W made every follower to be part of the mosque. He gave specific a’mal (actions) of the mosque. These actions or activities distinguished Muslim lives.

There was the discussion in the mosque about Islam, about the greatness of Allah and about Imaan. There was the discussion that only actions can change or make lives successful.

There was training to improve actions. Tashkeel (encouragement) for going out to make Imaan and good actions, to cities and countries, were also made in the mosque.

Circles of remembrance of Allah, zikr took place in mosques. Deeds of helping others, love and benevolence also took place in mosques.

Everyone, ruler or citizen, rich or poor, businessman, farmer, servant they all came to the mosque to learn true life, and went back to their different jobs, living according to the way they learnt in the mosques.

Today we are fooled that our money runs the mosques. Mosques have become empty of actions and filled by materials.

In the mosque of the prophet S.A.W There was no light, no water and no washrooms.There was no show of any expenditure. By coming to Mosques people became
inviters, teachers, scholar, remembers, prayers, followers, pious and strivers.

They went out and led the proper life. Mosques trained and managed the people for the market. By going out for four months, we should try and practice to bring every Muslim to the mosques in every town.

While learning these mosque actions we encourage others for four months so that they can also learn these actions. When we return to our locality, we have to start these actions in our local mosque.

Masjidwar Jamaat will do following work
Do two gasht every week to bring our locality's Muslim to the mosque and encourage them to learn these actions by going out; at least one member from every house for
four months.

One gasht around our own mosques and the second gasht around another mosque.

People in every mosque should do ta'leem of virtues and rewards daily.

We will send three day jamaat to every village within five miles of our town, so that the same good atmosphere is created in their mosques too. Every brother should spend
three days monthly with punctuality. According to "Al Hasanatu Ashri Be Amsaliha" (three days will be rewarded as if thirty days are spent). If we spend three days every month it will be rewarded as if we spend a whole year in the path of Allah.

We have to fulfil the demands for jamaat for the all the countries and with the intention to continue our own practice. For this we should go out for forty days every year. The minimum course is to give four months at least once in a life-time; then forty days, every year; three days every month; two gasht every week; ta’leem daily, with zikr and tilawat. This will ensure that our life is according to Islam.

If we desire to become a means for bringing the whole world's human beings to the correct path and for their hidayath and to destroy falsehood, then we will have to increase beyond this minimum course, to spend half our time and income in the path of Allah and the other half for
our business and family, or at least one third of our time and income in the path of Allah and two third for business and family. We need to go out for four months every year.
You should give very firm dawaah for four months in a life-time. Do not fear this at all. Without it the direction of life will not change. Those brothers who have not yet given four months should also give very strong dawaah for 4 months with the intention that Allah will accept me also for it.