TASHKEEL meaning Adaab Maulana Yusuf Advice in his letter

TASHKEEL (Encouragement and request)
The request for four months should be made firmly, and take their names to go out cash. After that take names for 40 days. And then take the names for whatever length of
times brothers are prepared to give.

Effort made during the request for intentions (and tashkeel) will create the mind of dawaah. If firm effort is not made in tashkeel then a useful task will be left out, sacrifices will not be made, and the spirit of this work will
depart. The speaker should make the request for names.

One brother should stand up and take down names. He should not start another lecture. He may speak one or two
sentences to encourage the brothers.
Then we should ask brothers to speak to others sitting nearby to encourage them to give names. Give them solutions to their problems with great care and feelings.

Point out to them incidents of sacrifice from the lives of prophets and of the sahabas.

Make a local Masjidwar jamaat
Then make a local jamaat and decide about their daily tasbih and ta’leem, weekly 2 gasht and three days every month.

Some general Adabs
In dawaah we may mention the help of Allah which came to prophets and companions and then encourage them, but we should not mention help of Allah that came to us.

Do not mention the current affairs and conditions and problems during the talk. Instead Of discussing the weakness which exists in our Imaan, actions, work, characters, it is better to mention the real goodness, about these things which have to be developed in our lives.