Sheikh Manzoor Noumani meeting with Maulana Ilyas Rahimullah

How Manzoor Noumani Rahimullah met Maulana Ilyas Rahimullah

Maulana Manzoor Noumani writes ……………………..
his (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Raipuri) comments about Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas RAHMATULLAH ALAIH laid a marked impact on me and I decided that I would go to Delhi from there and see Hazrat Maulana before going back to home. Therefore, from there I went straight to (H.Nizamuddin,Delhi.)

Hazrat Maulana Ilyas was seriously ill those days, and had Not eaten anything for many days. He was so weak that when he' stood 'up a little, his legs trembled. As I entered, I greeted
him and offered him my hand to shake hands, but he, instead of
taking my hand, got up from the bed and stood up with the.
support of my both hands. On my repeated requests for his
taking rest (he being out of sorts), he said: 
 'It doesn't matter. I am ill because of you people; I am troubled by you people. If you come in and start doing the work of dee", lnsha-Alldh I will become healthy.' 

In short, Hazrat Maulana let go of my hands only after I promised to come and give time.
As far as I remember, I spent only a night and a day in the
company of Hazrat Maulana on that occasion. Despite his
severe illness and weakness, the worry for deen which was
riding over him that I saw there- and his attachment to deen
that I noticed there- impressed me very much. I came back
after making this decision that. when Allah will cure Hazrat
Maulana of his illness, I shall spend some time in his company
by participating in his work.