Ikhlas e Niyat Sincerity Intention Shaitan method to deviate

Hazrat Maulana Ilyas Rahimullah said:
"Whenever a bondsman of Allah wishes to take a step
towards any good deed, Satan opposes him in many different
ways and places difficulties and hurdles in, his path. But if
these twists and turns fail to stop his progress and that
bondsman of Allah starts doing that good deed after crossing
these hurdles, then Satan's second effort starts: he .then tries to
become the shareholder of that good deed- either by injecting
evil into his sincerity and intention- or using some other
similar means.
That is, sometimes he attempts to mix the desire
for show and fame. and sometimes he tries to corrupt his
sincerity by mixing other motives- and at times he succeeds in
this effort. It is. therefore. recommended for religious workers
to remain alert from this danger. They must keep on
safeguarding their hearts from such satanic whisperings, and
should regularly examine their intentions. This is because the
moment an intention other than the intention to please Allah
becomes a part of a deed.
it no 'longer remains acceptable by

(Taken from book Words and Reflection Maulana Ilyas Rahimullah Page no 32)