Modern Muslim Educational Institutions problem Religious education Solution

..................................."This sad negligence and shortcoming occurs in many muslim educational institution that although the students are given education, yet no considerable effort is made to put these students to the 
Actual objective of this study and wordly life as a whole .
(that is,  
1. saving himself/herself, his family from fire of the hell, 
2. Service of humanity by making effort to save them from fire of the hell  
3. Calling people towards deen and calling towards Allah) . 

As a result of this negligence, many promising student-scholars of these institutions, having completed their studies, only aim at
earning their living. 

Not only that as they don't have fear of Allah so they may get involve in all sort sof bribary and corruptive measure cheating and ultimately give loss to public money and nation.

 (Note This is not only for muslim institution/Students but other than muslims has no fear of Allah as simply dont know Islam and its commands life after death . So their discussion/objectives  are separate.)
In this way, all the time and money and all the efforts that were spent on their education not only go to a complete waste but come in the use of the enemies of deen in some instances.
Therefore,with respect to there education we should concentrate our efforts and thinking more on this thing that the students who get their
studies complete, they should get involved only in the service
of deen and in fulfilling the rights of the knowledge. 

If our lands produce no fruit, it is still a loss; but if they produce
fruit that goes to our enemies, it becomes a far greater loss."