Muslim secterian groupism debater in grip of Iblees Shaitan

1.Actually Iblees/Satan is responsible for this.He is keeping away us from Positive Dawah.On each front of Islam so much work is remaining.

2.But Iblees has involved us in criticising each others/Leg pulling,instead of doing something positive at ground. Iblees is teaching us that criticism/controversy is easiest way of gaining popularity.

3.Critism should be with deep knowledge ,clear heart and intention(WASEE ILM aur PAK QULOOB) for the purpose of correction. 

 4. Sheikh Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi Rahimullah has written at lenth on this aspect of Muslim organisation and Scholars and has suggested way for correction in his book Tabligh e deen ka ek Usool in Urdu. May Allah guide us and give Hidayat for ourself,and for whole mankind.

5. May Allah help us to be neutral and free from group mentality and to keep Islam first. May Allah give us taufeeq to tell truth in anger and happiness. May Allah save all of us from evil of Nafs (Self ego). Only Allah can give the strength.