Tablighi Bayan Dawah talk Markaz Nizamuddin guidelines Jamaat

Assalam O Alaikum,
1. Hereunder is an Ten important instruction from elders of Bangle wali Masjid Markaz Nizamuddin Delhi about the DAWAH AND TABLIGH TALK content,Standard, topic,way,Reference, What to talk, What not talk, Dont do, Precaution in our Dawah Talk in Jamaat and in Gusht, Muqami, Kam, individual and congregational address in Ijtema for general Muslims who are not Alim/ Scholar.

2.Allahu Akbar....... Just see the guidelines How nice full with intellect they are. if we follow these it will be amazing. 

3.Allah has opened wisdom of the work of Dawah Tabligh and Islah  on elders who have devoted their whole life for the cause of Islam. 
4.Ulema E kARAM  have deep researched the Quran and Sound Sunnah, Life of Prophet and Sahaba and present to us. May Allah give Barkah in knowledge and LIFE OF ALL ULEMA e Karam.
Brother please always talk caring following Points. May Allah give us Taufeeq for Amaal.............
Regarding Tableeghi speeches, 
Maulana Muhammad In'am-ul-Hasan R.A.
uttered following ten points in a sitting:

1) While moving in the jamii'at, there should be no talk except Six Qualities; one must restrict to these Six Numbers.

2) Talk should be simple, easy, and intelligible to all,

3) Nothing should be told which lacks proof and research.

4) Speak at length on the benefits which come from acting upon deen;tell people the divine promises, not the threats.

5) In the talks, say what is in the Holy Qur'an and Hadees. Incidents from history can be quoted, at the last stage.

6) In the talks, do not say what you have just heard. In the same way, do not comment on current affairs.

7) Do not criticise any person or any party.

8) Be respectful and sincere, not an instructor to the audience.

9) You are to make people understand the work of Da'wat, not your own personality.

lO)Tell people the helps which were given to the Holy Prophets SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM and to the sahaba RAZIALLAHU ANHUM; do not relate the accounts of helps which you were given.

Refrence BOOK words and reflection ,Maulana Ilyas Footnotes poage no 203