Maulana Ibraheem Sb Devla words going in path of Allah

One of the elder of Markaz Nizamuddin Maulana Ibrahim Devla once said................(Rough translation of urdu talk)
1.To go out in the path of Allah isn't just to come out of our houses and engagements but to come out of our houses to come towards hidayat.

2. This effort is to weaken a persons desires and bring him closer to Allah and whatever the commands of Allah.

3.The truth tastes bitter and evil tastes sweet but when a person is ill he takes the bitter medicine.. similarly we are spiritually ill. 

4.He also said, what makes this effort even more against the nafs is that the results are unseen.. ..people cannot understand the effort from spending only a little time or from the outside.. to understand the effort you have to be in the effort constantly and become steadfast as thai is the hardest sacrifice