Tawheed Emaan Aqeedah Tablighi Jmaat concern or neglect analysis Advice

Tablighi Jamaat aim objective is that each and every Muslim adopts the Islamic way in all aspects of life. They are doing effort to bring deen (the commands of Allah and path of Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in the life of all mankind to start with those who have already accepted Allah their lord and Muhammad as their massanger.
There is no doubt that In deen the foremost thing is Aqeedah.

Word Aqeedah is synonymously and interchangably used for Emaan. It meaning is faith or belief.

Tablighi brother do not commonly use the word Aqeedah they use the word Emaan and Yaqeen
(Faith) that is Synonymous to Aqeedah.
 (please dont go after terminology .Without any question on word aqeedah which is right term but for your kind information it has not been used in quran and hadith,  Actually Emaan is the term that has been used in the Hadith of Jibraeel that articulate the islamic faith...... SO TABLIGH ELDERS ARE ALSO USING WORD EMAAN.

In the hadith of Gabriel, the Prophet explained the pillars of this faith in which every human must believe,

when he was asked, "What is eemaan?", he said, "To believe in Allaah and His angels and His books and His messengers and the Last Day and predestination of good and evil."

Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book 2, Number 48:

1. If you listen  Tablighi talk/Bayan wheather small and big always talk about Emaan in very emphatic way. 

They always say that Only Allah has power no one other than Allah has power all are creation.He is having all qualities that no creation has.Only Alaah has to be worshiped and called. 

You can confirm
It by going in Jamaat. (Best way to confirm) or by listening of Bayan of Any Alim like Maulana Saad Maulana Ahmad Laat sb Maulana Ibraheem sb of Markaz Nizamuddin......

(Although it is true that as tabligh is a mass movement and capabilities of each one are different so general public may not quote relevant Quran and Ahadith. Rather they are not advised because chances of mistakes are their and this mistake in deen is not permissible.)

2. Tablighi Jamaat stress on six qualities to bring in life the

first Quality they stress is Emaan. 

They always stress on Emaan and its full faith and understanding. 

I am quoting from book by a  Tablighi Scholar and Alim
 book on Six fundamentals
( Six Points of Tabligh by Bilal MAlik
Page no 5-6)
Allah the Exalted has said:
Know that there is no god save Allah… (Qur’an, 47:19).
The purpose of this Kalima is twofold.

(i) That one achieves yaqin [certainty] of
the fact that whatever happens,

happens with the Will of Allah; that Allah is
capable of doing – without any help whatsoever from creation – anything and everything.

Thereby achieving certainty that the ghayr of Allah, that is creation, cannot do anything without Allah’s Will.

To become consciously aware of the
fact that Allah is al-Musabbib al-asbab [the Cause of causes]. To be certain that whatever is happening through a “cause” is not in reality originating from it, but rather, is happening only because Allah has willed it.

For example, water is dependant on the hukm [command] of Allah to quench thirst.

Also, to cure, medication is contingent on Allah’s hukm. Likewise, the human heart depends on
the hukm of Allah to pulsate and nourish cells throughout the body. Similarly, without Allah commanding it to, the universe is devoid of any power or ability to exist.
This part of the purpose of the Kalima is known as “yaqinon ki tabdili” or the transformation of certainties [from al-khalq (the creation) to al-Khaliq (the Creator)].

And (ii) to bring about certainty in one’s heart that success – in both temporal and eternal worlds – is completely contingent on following the Blessed Way
[Sunna] of the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam for Allah has said “Say” [O
Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam  to mankind]: “If ye love Allah, follow me; Allah will love you…”
This certainty must be supported by the yaqin that any way other than the Sunna
of the Messenger of Allah
Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam  is, and leads to, failure. Allah the Exalted has said, "Truly, you have in the Messenger of Allah a most beautiful example for whoever seeks Allah and the Last Day..." 5 This second part of the purpose of the Kalima is called “tariqon
ki tabdili” or the transformation of ways.

Tabligh elders always remain concerned about the the importance of Emaan.

The revivalist of tablig in this specific form Moulana Muhammad Ilyas (Ramatullahi Alayhi) [d.1944] have said;

“If I had to give this work/movement a name I would have given it the name TEHREEK E IMAAN “The MOVEMENT OF IMAAN”.

M.Muhammad Ilyas (Ramatullahi Alayhi) expressing his concern for the Ummat and the objectives of this work states;

· The example of Deen and Iman (Aqeedah) is liken to a rose plant [deen] whose stems, leaves and flowers have all died and has lost its value. However, when effort was made on its roots Iman it again blossomed and was admired by all.

· The object of this work is to create zeal & thirst in the hearts of those who have no zeal & thirst for Deen and its practices.

When this is created in them they will rush to the fountains of knowledge i.e. (to the Ulama, Madrasas and Khankas) to quench their thirst.

· The actual aim of this work is to teach the Ummat everything with which Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhiwa Sallam) came with i.e. to get the Ummat attached a complete system of thought and practice of Islam.

(Taken from Words and Reflections of Ml. Muhammad Ilyas and


How it explain the importance of Emaan and strong faith (the Aqeedah).

(taken from chaptor Muslim Degeneration and its remeady page no 5-6)

.......................It is obvious from the above ayah of the Quran that the first Muslims had attained that high position in life because of the purity and strength of their faith and the excellence of their character.

As against this, the miserable condition of the present day Muslims is the result of weakness in their faith and character, the opposite of what their forefathers possessed.

Therefore, it will be right to say that today we are Muslims in name only!

In this connection, the true Messenger of Allah (Subhanahu wa Taala)

Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi wassallam), had prophesied. An era will come in the near future when Islam will exist merely in name and the Quran will exist merely in writing (Mishkat).

This is clearly applicable to the Muslims of the present time.

In these circumstances, the points which need urgent investigation are:

· As the right type of faith, which can have the approval of Allah (Subhanahu wa Taala) and His Rasul (Sallallaho Alaihi wassallam) (and which will bring us spiritual and material advancement). is not to be seen anywhere,
what will be the means of acquiring that true faith and


what are the factors that have caused the destruction of that faith and with it the true life of Islam, from our midst?

A study of the Quran clearly reveals that the capacity to maintain the required level of the true faith of Islam, and the ultimate rise to honor and fame through it, are dependent on the fulfillment of a special task which has been so graciously assigned by Allah (Subhanahu wa Taala) to the Muslims alone

. It is for this that they have been given in the Quran the distinguished position of Khair al-umam (the best of all Ummah)

According to the faith of Islam, the main purpose behind the creation of this world was to establish and prove the holiness, the Oneness and the most supreme existence of Allah (Subhanahu wa Taala)and to reflect His unlimited powers and boundless attributes through man, who was to be guided by the light of true knowledge.

It was impossible for man to understand and utilize that knowledge without his first being purified of Godlessness and impurity, Only after that purification is he to be decorated with fine virtues, excellence of conduct and the eventual capacity to act righteously. It was for this purpose of brining about this purity and power in the ranks of mankind that thousands of Ambiya and Rasools had been deputed by Allah (Subhanahu wa Taala), Then, last in the series came the Sayyid ul Anbiyaa wal Mursaleen (the greatest of all the Ambiya), Mohammed (Sallallaho Alaihi wassallam)....................

These quotations and above mentioned words clearly proves that Tablighi Jamaat is very much concerened about Emaan and correct and strong faith on the oneness of Allah and on correct Aqeedah.

(There are certain People and groups who consider that to use specific terminologies and  to call certain groups as mushrik only then the Aqeedah talk will be complete.They think if you have not taken the name of groups who are generally attached with actions of Bidat and shirk it will remain incomplete.

Tablighi Jamaat is not agreed with this view.Its view is that our aim is correction and not the talk/criticism. If you will directly tell any group no purpose will be solved and chances of reaction are more and they may become even harder.

So try to bring them with positive Dawat of Tawheed.Make them understand to all muslims that biggest caller and Savior of Tawheed was our prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

Results proofs that it is a successful method.And uncountable people and places left the Bidat and shirk through this method.It is an observation in India pakistan and Bangladesh that where tabligh work is strong Grave worship is weak and vice versa. So Tabligh wants business and not the talk and criticism of fellow muslims without any purpose being solved. For Tablighi jamaat everyone is our brother and we have to connect all brothers to Almighty Allah and their is no room of branding/accusing any one and leaving them to be separated......we Have to bring everyone to their lord with love affection mercy dawah with wisdom and dua