Books Article clearing Answering Tablighi jamaat misconception criticism

Books and Articles from Tabligh Answering   Allegations and Criticism.

According to their policy Tabligh elders never indulge in any arguement and counterarguement.

So there is no Book or Reply from Tablighi Jamaat elders is Available.

Whatever articles and writing for clarification of doubts and allegation has been written are from brothers who has written individually.

Although these are not systematic writing but it is sufficient in written form also who want to know truth.

Although the understanding the work of Tabligh can only be in the path of Allah.Through articles they can partially understand the reality of doubts and allegation.

But those who work for Allah, Allah helps them Unexpectedly.

There is general perception that Salafi Brothers remain against Tabligh.
(Although it is not always true I personally know many Salafi brothers actively with the work of Tabligh.)

but it is 
Allah Power and mercy that the only complete book clearing allegation against Tabligh has been written by a Salafi Alim
1. Shaikh Abu Bakar Jabir Al Jazairi

  Who was Teacher at jamea madeena munawwara and at Masjid e Nabwi sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Madeena Munawwara, who travelled to Europe and Africa and got first hand information of Tabligh work and finally

has written book in Arabic which has been translated in urdu Titled “Tablighi Jamaat ka Belag Jaeza” (“An Unbiased study of Tablighi Jamaat”.published by Al Markazul Arabi Lilkitab,U.A.E.)

This book is available at following link Another article By Sheikh Yusuf Malahi in Arabic All these  Urdu translation is available on this link.



In every criticism there is a either a lesson or
reward for Akhirah........................if someone is pointing out your short coming actually he is helping you. Rectify it as told by Maulana Inamul Hasan sb also.

If it is baseless allegation. Just do Sabar 

Because if you will do sabr (Patience) on baseless allegation Allah will surely give you Reward. 

Be sure of it . (InshaAllah I will quote the Hadith in this regard Later on Jazakallah)