My Favourte Islamic Writer of Present Age Muslim World

.......Among the recent past and contemporary great scholars of Islamic World............. I am truly impressed by following.
(With having full respect for all other Scholars and I am not restricting this list there are many more great scholar that should be in this list) 
1. Mufakkire Islam Fazilatus Sheikh Maulana Abul hasan Ali Nadvi Rahimullah.   (India)

2.Mufti Ibraheem Desai Damat Barkatuhum  (South Africa)

3.Mufti Taqi Usmani Sb . Damat Barkatuhum  (Pakistan)
(May Allah give Barkat in their and all other Ulema life ) 
Even presenting difference of Opinion they present their argument in the best possible way with due respect to others by the taufeeq of Allah. Only Allah can give strength.

In one of the writing Mufti Taqi Usmani i....... just see his Language.......(I have concealed the name of scholar being discussed here)
There is no doubt that I—as the lowest student of Islamic Fiqh—with my benefitting from the books of the outstanding a very large extent, and my supreme wonderment at the majority of [his works], have found myself, in some particular issues, not in agreement with him in the results the he has arrived at, but these sorts of differences (ikhtilāf) in views based on juristic judgement (ijtihādī) are natural, and cannot be the [sole] basis for judging [their author] so long as the people of knowledge do not deem [the bearers of such opinions] to be weak intellectually, or in religion, and [in any case] the importance of these books and their value in scholarship and da‘wa are not affected by this to even the slightest, most insignificant degree...................