Do charity spending on poor before dooms day Qiyamah

Allah pak says in Quran

O you who believe! Spend, out of what We have provided for you before the Day comes when there would be no bargaining, nor friendship, nor intercession (without Allah’s permission). (al-baqarah: 254)
1.It means that there shall be no selling or buying on that Day to enable you to buy virtues from others, nor
would there be any friend to intercede or entreat on your behalf. In short, all means of help from any source shall

2. If anything is to be done for that Day, now is the time to do it and to sow the seed; that Day shall be the day
of harvest. 

3.Whatever is sown shall be reaped, whether it be grain or flower, thorn or firewood! It is a matter for all to
ponder and to examine what each one is sowing?

(Taken from Fazail e Amaal vol 2 Book of charity)