THABLEEGH JAMAAT Malayalam speech madaprabashanam deeni Talk Lecture Bayan

Malayalam speech deeni madaprabashanam Talk Lecture Bayan Quran Hadith class of great scholars from indian state of Kerala are available on following links.

യഹിയ ഹാജി ബയാന്‍ 

മുഖ്താര്‍ ഡോക്ടര്‍ 

മര്‍ഹൂം മൂസ മൌലാന 

അബുല്‍ ഖൈര്‍ മൌലവി 

ആലിക്കോയ ഉസ്താദ്‌ 

അനസ് മൌലവി 

ദീനി സംസാരങ്ങള്‍

Bayan Link of Moosa Moulana (Rahmathullah Alaihi)
 Janab Moosa Moulana (Rahmathullah Alaihi) was a great Daee and Scholar from Kerala. He is among the most popular religious figure of Kerala. His character and behavior was so good that even those who have some misunderstanding about Thableegh work praise him.People even in remote villages know him as he extensively traveled all over kerala.

He was basically from KANJHAR in south Kerala but settled at Edhatallah ,Aluva in Ernakulam District.

I got a chance to meet this great Personality in 2001

 Thousands have benifitted through his sincere efforts in the path of da’wa and Thableegh. 
Here are few of his recordings of his Malayalam talk.