Dr.Zakir Hussain Former President narrating vision of Maulana Ilyas Service of Deen

ALL PERSON HAVE SOME SPECIAL SKILL AND INTELLIGENCE (SALAHIAT) That should be utilised for Service of Deen OF Almighty Allah.

(Muffakir e Islam Faisal Award winner Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi Rahimullah writes .........(In Book Biography of Maulana Ilyas)

Dr. Zakair Husain (Former President of India)**# tells that, once, during the Maulana’s illness, some filth got stuck to his back. In washing it away, there was a risk of his getting wet and catching cold. No one knew how the Maulana could be cleansed without giving him a bath. Maulana Yousuf, then poured water over it from the spout of a lota in such a way that the filth was removed without wetting the body. 
The Maulana was greatly pleased. He blessed Maulana Mohammad Yusuf and said, “All the skill and intelligence should be employed in the service of Deen of Almighty Allah.”  (To save Whole Mankind from Fire of the Hell.PARADISE FOR ALL MANKIND..This was the Motto of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihu wasallam.He even cried at the death of a Jew. We are his ummati Our concern should be same.Inviting fellow Humankind to their creator The Almighty to save all from fire of Hell.(ALL HUMANS ARE OUR REAL BROTHER AND SISTERS AS ALL ARE SON AND DAUGHTER OF ADAM ALAIHISSALAM,the first man on the face of Earth who was first Prophet Also. May Allah guide whole mankind.)

#Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi in his book Purane Chirg Vol 3 has mentioned Dr. Zakir Hussain affinity to Maulana Ilyas and his contribution to the Dawat o Tabligh Movement.
Maulana writes...........

Dr. zakir Hussain himself was a teacher and was knowing that nurturing someone is most difficult task. When he saw Maulana Ilyas nurturing the illeterate and Ignorant at large scale he got impressed by him in initial contacts. Dr. zakir hussain famous sentence for nurturing "It is like a hen sitting on egg for chicken. In result many eggs will be destroyed only few will become successful."

About his association with Maulana Ilyas Mr. Ziaul Hasan Faruqi sb also written in his book Dr. Zakir Hussain: Quest for Truth APH Publishing, India page no 127 the following.

“Dr zakir Hussain met  Maulana Ilyas in 1942 on some occasion. In his first meeting Maulana was deeply impressed by dr zakir hussain genius. Dr zakir hussain got impressed with Maulan Ilyas spirituality and Strong conviction. Both of them were drawn irresistibly to each other.
Now onwards it was routine of dr zakir Hussain to offer the Fajr Prayer every Friday at Bangla wali Masjid and to listen attentively to his sermons. He attended also later’s meeting in Mewat. He was drawn more and more towards the Maulana (Ilyas) in view of his lofty ideals,his methodology for generating religious and social consciousness among Muslim , his conviction,sincerity and a deep sense of accountability, his simplicity,self sacrifice in daily life.
In the words of Dr. Mujeeb

“He (the Mawlana Ilyas ) needed however the support of the educated muslims for the expansion of his work, and this brought him into contact with the upper class (educated) Muslims of India. Here his abilities as a speaker proved very inadequate and acquaintance with dr zakir hussain seemed to be the Allah answer to his prayer for help. For a while dr zakir hussain threw himself whole heartedly into the movement, and was recognized as its most effective nent. Dr zakir hussain told him that whenever they were together at the gathering, the Mawlana would say “Bhai zakir I am a simple man I can’t even explain my own ideas. You understand them much better than I do. Please speak on my behalf”

*(The Former President of India who was a regular visitor at Markaz Nizamuddin. He was Professor at Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi,at time of Maulana Ilyas .
Afterwads he became Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, then Governor of Indian State of Bihar and Finally the 3 rd President of Indian Republic.He was a great Scholar Thinker and Prolific Writer.He was the first Muslim President of Indian Republic.)