Tablighi Jamaat FAQs Fiqh Mazhab Hanfi Taqleed Following Imam Issues

Why We have sarted ths Series of Tablighi Jamaat Frequently Asked Question(FAQs). 
If you go on internet almost all Islamic Forums are full with discussion on Tablighi Jamaat. Great Majority of comments are Pro Tablighi, but either Pro or against this discussion anyway eating the valuable time and Resources of Muslim Ummah. That is loss of Humanity. So we have launched this series so that they will check issues in FAQs. and get the issue solved/known and will save their energy/time for some useful work. It is hoped that Muslims will get help from this Series. Plz give suggestions.(JAZAKALLH) FOR MORE DETAIL CLICK HERE.......
Some Muslim Brothers will ask.........
Question 1 They will make an issue/ask in question form that Tablighi Jamaat is people of Hanafi Mazhab and follows Imam Abu Haneefah Jurisprudence?
(Some Hardcore may add sentences like following one of four Imam Hanafi Shafaee Maliki Hanbali is Shirk (Nauzubillah). Please do dua for these brothers.)

1. Tell him Politely that Brother You are 100% wrong in this criticism. All the muslims of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat all over the world are actively working in Tablighi Jamaat.There is no other Subideology/Mazhab/Fiqh boundation in Tablighi Jamaat.

2.EXAMPLE.................. And all can see that all muslims ranging from .........
Hanafis of Indian subcontinent pakistan bangladesh and ........
Shafaee of Indonesia Malaysia and Sri Lanka,West Asia 
Malikis of Africa, 
Mostly Hanbalis and salafis of Arab world. 
In Indian State of Kerala Population is Shafaee. All Hanafi Shafaee are working under same roof Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat all over the world are actively participating in the work of Tablighi jamaat.

Question:2.Second Point the Questioner may Raise.
Why maximum number of  Tablighi Jamaat workers are  Hanafi.
1. Followers of Hanafi School of Jurisprudence comprise approax 47%* of toatl Sunni Muslims in the world.So in Tablighi Jamaat also naturally it will be more.

2.Nearly half of the muslim population all overt the world resides in India Pakistan Bangladesh and where 
above 95% are Hanafi.
And Tabligh work revived from Indian subcontinent so they got a chance to see it closely and more chance to join it effectively. 

*This estimation is refrenced to the document THE 500 MOST INFLUENTIAL MUSLIMS 2010 edition by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre Page no.16&18 and Wikipedia has also made same estimation.Some of the other sources have estimated Hanafis more than 50% of the sunni muslims.
Allah knows the best.

(To be continued.........)