Two Landmark decisions by Indian Muslim in History

Hamara Faisala (OUR DECISION)
Hindustani Musalmanon ke Naam Paigam  .
One of the greatest Islamic Scholar of Last century,Faisal Award winner Mufakkir e Islam Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi former President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board. (AIMPLB)
نگریزی کے بعد اردو میں مضمون ہے
This is very important message to Muslims all over the world. (HIS Original URDU TALK IS BELOW )

We the Muslims of India has made our decision with full conviction to stay in India to make it our homeland .No power other than Allah can change our decision. 

Our second important decision is that we will live here with our full Islamic Believes, Our Shaaer e Islam, our religious and cultural specialties and identity. 
The Constitution of India not only give us right to live rather it welcomes us with red carpet and also gives guarantee and has made provision to live with all our religious and cultural specialties.
(He is referring different sections of constitution of India.)

"Ham Musalmanon ne soch samajh kar AZM ke sath Hidustan mein RAHNE ka faisla kiya hai Hamare is Faisle ko Iradae Ilahi ke siwa koi Taqat nahin Badal Sakti..............

.Hamara doosra faisla yeh hai ki ham is mulk mein apne pure deeni aqaid Shaar aur apni pure mazhabi aur tahzeebi khususiat ke sath rahenge..........Aur hamara Datoor (constitution of India) na sirf hamein rahne ki ijazat deta hai balki hamara khair makhdam karta hai aur hamein khususiat ke sath rahne ki zamanat aur intazam karta hai.........

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