Maulana Yusuf keeping Example of Sahaba Scrifice in Dawah work

Maulana Yusuf kept the example of Sahaba in the sacrifice of deen 
(This post has originally been written by a guest author and part of an upcoming book Insha Allah. All are welcome for pointing Academic/Grammatical mistakes )
Maulana Ilyas has died in 1944 . Maulana Yusuf the compiler of Encyclopedic book Hayatus Shaba was a great scholar of Seerat and Sahaba Life.

Maulana Yusuf Rahimullah increased the horizon of sacrifice on the pattern of Sahaba the Companions of prophet.He even used to exhalt that I don’t want days Rather I want people who are ready for life for the sake of deen.

He sent Jamaats without any time frame with giving them target of reverting back to Islam those Muslims who has left Islam in the turmoil of partition of India in the areas of Haryana and Punjab. In these areas there was an exodus of large number of Elite Muslims to pakistan and many of remaining Poor Muslims left Islam out of fear. Apart from fear another  reasons were also.

Maulana Yusuf used to send Jamaat criss crossing large part of India without time frame. He sent four jamaat from delhi to four corners of India. 

In Feb 2005 at Meerut (U.P.,India) I personally got a chance to meet one brother who was part of Jamaat who went from Delhi to Calcutta en route of famous Grand Trunk Road (It has been renamed as Sher Shar Suri Path, after the name of Muslim king who made this Giant road built). His Jamaat reached Calcutta  in one year.