True Stories and False Fabricated Stories Which is to be denied

Below is Part of a discussion and question Answer between a Islamic Scholar and a Muslim who was brainwashed against the blessed work of Dawat Tabligh.

Question ................ then said, "Regarding their buzrugs people invent many tales. What reliance can be placed on them? 

I replied, "Where has not lies been 
invented? People have invented false gods and 
prophets, ahaadeeth have been fabricated and 
counterfeit money has been made. 

Now will the false gods only be denied or the true god as well? Will the false prophets only be denied or the true prophets as well? Will the fabricated ahaadeeth only be denied or the true ahaadeeth as well? 

Will only the counterfeit 
money be discarded or the genuine money as well? 
Who has asked you to accept the false stories? Why do 
you deny the true stories as well?........... 

(excerpt from book Objection On Fazail – e – A'maal – A Basic Analysis By Shaykh Abdullah Maroofi Ustad e Hadith