Aulia Allah stories Problems of mindset and perception has to be corrected

(Below is Part of a discussion and question Answer between a Islamic Scholar and a Muslim who was brainwashed against the blessed work of Dawat Tabligh. This has been compiled as an eye opener for Muslims to save them from Fitnah) 
............Look in the Quraan, the miracles of Hadhrat Isa Alihissalam are mentioned. All Muslims take these miracles to be true and believe that it happened with the gesture of Hadhrat Isa Alihissalam but was a sign of Allaah' s power and majesty. When Muslims believe in the power and majesty of Allaah Ta'ala then every miracle is seen as a proof of tauheed. 
If you  take these miracles to be the action of Hadhrat Isa  Alaihissalam and believe they happened by his choice so they have made all these miracles a proof- of shirk. Using these miracles as a proof of shirk was not a fault Hadhrat Isa Alihissalam story but rather the fault of those who turned a proot ot tauheed into a proot of shirk. In the same manner, we the Ahle Sunnah wal 
lama' ah whenever we learn of any miracle we take it to be a sign of Allaah's power and majesty. That is why in karaamaat I see only and only tauheed whereas when you all read 'Stories of Maujaza and Karamat' with that mind-set, you all see those karaamaat as shirk. 

Neither is it fault of story that 
has used these pious saints as a means to makes His 
majesty apparent nor is it the fault of these pious 
saints, rather it is this  mind-set. If you 
repent from this mind-set and read with an 
Islaamic mindset then you will also see tauheed and 
only tauheed. 
(excerpt from book Objection On Fazail – e – A'maal – A Basic Analysis By Shaykh Abdullah Maroofi Ustad e Hadith