To Ulama and elite of Islam message Mawlānā Muhammad Ilyās al-Kāndhalwi

A message by the late Mawlānā Muhammad Ilyās al-Kāndhalwi to an All-India Conference of the 'ulamā and Muslim political leaders held at Delhi in April, 1944.

"In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. We praise Him. We believe in Him. We place our trust in Him. And we invoke His choicest blessings and peace for Muhammad (a mercy, guide, bearer of glad tidings, and a warner for all times and all peoples), as do we invoke the same for all of his family, his companions, and his followers."
'Ulama and elite of Islam,
Upon you be peace, mercy, and the blessings of Allah! A most humble creature and a particle of dust as I am, I have for long been calling the Muslims toward a very important mission which alone could (in my humble opinion) bring them true success in this world as well as in the next. So far, but a few from the common Muslims have listened to my call and joined the mission. But, because of very little understanding, or on account of a lack of proper understanding, they started doing the job in a manner falling far short of its requirements. In spite of all this, the result achieved thus far did not remain unnoticed by those gifted with knowledge and understanding who have, thereafter, been commending the work and encouraging the people to take part in it.

However, on account of the limitations mentioned above, the work did not appeal to all of our elders in Islam so as to win their full approval. Some of them took it as a mere call to the kalimah, others took it as solely a call towards salāt, and so on. In short, the real worth of this mission remained obscure to them, and the program (mission) could not appear before our elders in such a lucid form as to have deserved their active participation, and so, unfortunately, they still prefer to stand aloof. But the “goods” can be delivered only when the work is taken up by those who are really worthy of doing it. It has, therefore, always been the burning desire of my heart to explain my mission to those who can most appropriately understand it and thus have the satisfaction of winning the attention of those who really matter and can judge its proper value. But, alas, this desire has so far remained unfulfilled and my submitting these lines to your auspicious gathering is a humble venture in that direction.

(Blogger Note)
Some of these point are still very relevant. 
1.Although ulemas are participating in large number in Tablighi jamaat. And 95 % of Ulema are supporting Tablighi jamaat.

2. But we are need of active participation and direct guidance at local level, while in khurooj. Maulana Ilyas wanted to send one Aalim in each Jamaat But it is becoming impossible as 
 general Muslims rate is much more compared to ulama and scholars in Jamaat.

3. Please go to the doorstep of ulema for benefitting yourself, do their khidmat, and Please do humble request to ulemas in your area for guiding you directly and for active participation 

(This letter translation was send by an unknown source. We say Jazakallah o khair and pray for their Akhirah. If he want can send name we will acknowledge them)