Dawah in Islam An Important Obligation backbone of body of Islam

Excerpts from Syed Suleman Nadvi (rahmatullah alaihe) book A Message-Carrying Nation and the Principles of its Invitation   

..............The Importance of Dawat o Tableegh :

 A wisely-planned [system of] da'wat and tableegh, amr bil ma'roof, and nahi a'nil munkar is the backbone of the entire body of Islam. 

It is da'wat on which depends the foundation, strength, expansion and success of Islam. I believe that, in these days, da'wat is more needed than it was needed in any time in the past; and in contrast with converting the non- Muslims to Islamic Faith, this is more important to make Muslims Muslim, i.e., making effort on those who are Muslims in name or by nationality so that they become true and dutiful Muslims. 

In the light of the present-day religious state of Muslims, 
it becomes the duty of every Muslim to raise the call of the Holy Qur'an: 

O you who hove attained to faith! Holdfast unto uour belief in Allah and His Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam),... [Quran , 4:36] 

with all force and potentials. This demands that we go about from city to city, village to village, and from door to door, persuading those who are Muslims in name to become true Muslims- by faith and by practice. 

And in this path, that amount of dedicated hardwork, consistent effort, courage and tolerance should be invested which the worldly people are employing for gaining worldly honour and authority. That is, that dedication to the cause which inspires such an insurmountable power in the people that they get willing to sacrifice their most prized possessions- even their own lives- and pledge to remove any obstruction that might possibly hinder the progress of their mission. To promote the cause of da'wat, we should use all means: invite peoples' attention towards it, utilise honest efforts, and in fact invest all our life and possessions- and try to take a step forward in this field in a way or the other. And for achieving this objective, we should inspire in our self that restlessness without which neither any work, worldly or spiritual, has ever been completed in past and nor will get completed in future. If you want to see the examples of the men of determination of the field of da'wat in this age, please start reading the actual book (to which this essay is the

With regards from one who is aware of his humble knowledge.

Taken from Syed Suleman Nadvi (rahmatullah alaihe) book
A Message-Carrying Nation and the Principles of its Invitation