Eid al-Adha Bakr-Id Qurbani Philosphy behind The Festival of Sacrifice Udhiya Worship

The Essence of Eid-ul-Adha (What really is Sacrifice Qurbani) By Maulana Saad [damath baraka tuhum]

My dear friends and elders! That work which is not made into a worship will become a
mere ritual. Really, this is the difference between worshiping and performing mere rituals.
Rituals and festivals are for the non-Muslims and worship and sacrifice are for the Muslims.
But, because of ignorance...because we do not believe in the rewards that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala
has promised us nor have knowledge of the rewards that we’d gain through worship, the worship of
Muslims has become like that of the festivals of the non-Muslims. People think that the eid of the Muslims
are festivals, if such things are said by the non-Muslims, its fine, what do they know what worship is...but
if Muslims think Eid’s are festivals?
If Muslims think of eid’s as festivals...before Islam when the non-Muslims wanted to celebrate, such days
were fixed.
Didn’t the Companions [ra] say to the Prophet [peace be upon him] “O Prophet of Allah! On this day
during the age of ignorance, we used to celebrate, make merry”. 
The Prophet [peace be upon him] replied:
“No! Allah has given you something much better in return, Allah has given you 2 days in return for that 1
day, one is Eid ul Fitr and the other is Eid ul Adha”.

Remember, that night is a night of worship whose [following] day is also a day of worship [meaning the
night before the eid and day of eid]. People spend the night before eid doing shopping instead of in ibaadah! And that too in wasteful expenditure instead on giving in charity!...................