Tablighi Jamaat Relation with Islamic Movements Organization:Guidelines by Maulana Ilyas etc

Tablighi Jamaat and other Islamic Organisation and Movement : The elders Guidelines 

(From Book of sheikh Nadvi "Doosri deeni Tahreekon ke bare mein Hamara Tarz e Amal Page no 6))

Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi has been the pillar of the evolutionary phase of Tabligh movement. And I am not exaggerating rather it is a matter of fact that has been repeatedly expressed by Maulana Ilyas and Maulana Yusuf that he was the most trusted collegues of Maulana Ulyas among the Religious educated Scholars. He write in his book

“ If parallal to our effort of Tabligh any other Movement or organization is doing something good in any field of deen according to their understanding then we should not have any difference with them. Rather we should acknowledge their work and effort. We should do dua for their success. 
We should understand that they have taken care of certain field of deen and they have given us chance to devout our time energy and resources  do the basic ground effort of deen. This way they are helping us.

Hazrat Maula Ilyas used to do special Dua for Madaris, and used to encourage his associate to donate generously for Madaris. And it is amatter of fact that the earning of many of the Madrsa has increased because of Tabligh Movement. Maulana always instructed people associated with him to go in the service of Ulema, to develop close contact with them, and their service in terms of respect love and monetary help has to be done.”

Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi explains that Maulana Ilyas Rahimullah has stressed that Tabligh Movement and effort is actually making ground for the Madaris (Islamic school) and other religious institutions and movements.
Maulana Ilyas writes in a letter
“For all the departments of deen this Tabligh of motivation and temprory migration is akin to creating ground. Tabligh is making the ground plain, and irrigating it with shower. Rest all the religious activities can be cultivated on this ground like the orchard”
(Deeni Dawat page 292)

Tablighi Jamaat gives much Importance to Islamic Madaris &  Jamea (Islamic School & Islamic University Universities)

Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi writes
“ Maulana Ilyas was considering the Islamic madaris  very essential of Ummah. And for him decrease in it like a clamity on Muslims. When in Mewat due to negligence of people many Madaris got closed he writes to Haji Rasheed Ahmad Sb (Who was active in management of many of Madaris of that region) in his letter.

Maulana Ilyas writes 
“You should try your best to inculcate in mind of people that slow down or closer of Madaris is a tragedy and clamity for the Ummah. It will be severly asked on the day of judgment that as a result Quran and its teaching will be diminished. If we don’t have a concern in our heart and have no share in our money and wealth for these Islamic school it is a great danger for all of us”

Maulana Yusuf Rahimullah Advicing to combine Dawah and Taleem

Harzat Sheikhul Hadith quotes in his urdu book" objections on Tablighi Jamaat page no 32" (Have nt been translated yet in English) and its answer 
Alaso in the  book Biography of Maulana Yusuf Rahimullah

Mufti Azeezur Rahman Sb (Who was a full time teacher in a leading Madarsa of India) write.
“ I discussed my busy engagement of teaching in Madarsa with Maulana Yusuf Rahimullah and said that I have become very much tired of this engagement and I wish I should get a replacement for my position for some time for my teaching and I should engage myself for Tabligh work.

Maulana Yusuf Replied. “ Never, Never . You have to teach before coming to Tabligh and you have to do it after coming to Tabligh.  People alleges us that we are against Madaris. This is totally wrong. We consider teaching (Islamic education) a basic crucial important work. And the matter of fact is that we ourself also teach in Madarsa. What we want that you should the work of Tabligh alongwith your teaching engagement.”