Scholarly advice to Tableeghis, those who go out in Khurooj fii sabeelillah with Jamaaat

Instructions and departing advices to Jamaat going in the path of Allah by
Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Rahimullah

After Khutbae Masnoona Maulana said............
“The Sun is Noorani (Illuminated) . It has illumination. It gives light to the earth and hence illuminates the earth. If the sun itself would have been dark and would have darkness instead of light then it would have spreaded the darkness.
You people have temprorily left your house and will be going near and far all around the world.  If you will have Noor (light) then only you can illuminate others. If you will have darkness then darkness will spread.
That’s why your first effort should be on yourself to make yourself lightened. Noor is not inherently attached to a person rather it comes with the Aamal. That’s why you should do the noorani Aamaal so that nor should come in your life and it should spread from you.
At the same time you should refrain from those actions that bring darkness in yourself and spread it.

The Aamaal with Noor (Illuminated and bright actions)
The amaal with nor are those which is done for the pleasure of Allah and has been preached by Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam. These Aamaal has to be done so continuosly and permanently that you should get colored in those Aamaal.
Some of them are.
1.    To give dawah to mankind with Ikhlas for attainment of Emaan and Faith that is the core of the calls of Prophet and the most valuable sympathy for the mankind.
2.    The Salat and all other prayers that also includes Zikr Tilawat Dua and Istaghfar.
3.    To get involve in seeking Ilm (Knowledge) specially those Ilm which relates the result of Akhirah and actions bearing effect on success in Akhirah.
4.    Good manners that were the Ikhlaq of Hazarat Muhammd sallallahu alaihi wasallam and that has been preached by him, the essence of these are …….To get involve in the service of creations of Allah and having good treatment with them for the pleasure of Allah.
These are those Noorani Aamaal, the continuous practice on these will enlighten you. So you should involve yourself into it.

Two Enemies
Please remember, You are temprorily leaving your home, your special circle but you are not leaving at home your Nafs and Shaytan. These two enemies on each step will be with you. Your bad habbits are also with you.   These all will try to divert you to those actions that darkens you and you will be away from the pleasure of Allah.

Plan to save yourself from Enemies.
You can save yourself from these enemies only if you keep yourself busy with the above mentioned Noorani Aamaal for whole 24 hours except the six-seven hours of sleep. Either you should be busy with calling to Allah, giving Dawah of Emaan and Aamaal, or you should be engaged with offering prayers, zikr o Tilawat or should be involved in Taleem o Taallum (teaching and learning) or should be in service of creation of Allah.
The only way to save yourself from Nafs and Shaytan is that you should not have any spare time other than the above mentioned Aamaal.

The Pleasure of Allah
All the above mentioned Aamaal will have any good effect only if these will be done only for the pleasure of Allah and for the sawab of Akhirah. May Allah forgive us if it will not be done with ikhlas then they may lead towards Hell. Famous Hadith of Abu Huraira Raziallahu Anhu narrate from the prophet
Narrated Abu Huraira (r.a.): I heard Allah's Messenger (s.a.w.s.) saying: (Muslim Shareef Hadith No 4688)

The first of the people to be judgend on the Day of Judgment will be a man who died as a martyr. He will be brought forth. Allah will make him know about His blessings (Which He had bestowed on him in the world). The man will acknowledge them. Then Allah will ask him: What did you do with them? He will say: I fought in Your way until I died as a martyr. Allah will remark: You are lying. You fought so that you may be called a brave warrior. Then orders will be passed against him. So he will be dragged along on his face and cast into Hell.

Second will be a man who studied (religious) knowledge. Then he taught it to others and recited the Qur'an. He will be brought (for judgment). Allah will remind him of His favours (showered on him in the world). He will admit them (having enjoyed them in his life). Then Allah will ask him: What did you do with them? He will reply: I acquired knowledge and imparted it and also recited the Qur'an for Your sake. Allah will observe: You have told a lie, for you got knowledge to be renowned as a scholar; and you recited the Qur'an to be marked as Qari (one who recites the Qur'an according to the rules). Then orders will be passed against him. So he will be dragged along on his face and thrown into Hell.

Third will be a man to whom Allah had made abundantly rich and granted him every kind of wealth. He will be brought for Judgment. Allah will let him know about His gifts conferred upon him in the world. He will recognize them. Then Allah will inquire: What did you with them? He will say: I left no way in which You like money to be spent without spending in it for Your sake. Allah will say:  You are lying, You did so to be described as generous (in the society); (It means you got your reward in the world according to your intention). Now you deserve nothing in the Hereafter except Hell). So orders will be passed against him and he will be dragged along on his face until he will be hurled into Hell.

(This Hadith is sound and reported by Muslim)

Just think how terrifying this hadith is. When abu Huraira used to narrate this hadith he used to cry very much and sometimes even became unconscious. When one Tabaee after listening it from abu huraira narrated to Hazrat Maawia raziallahu anhu, then hazrat maawia became so sad and cried so much that people became apprehensive of life. After some time he became normal and then he said. “Allah Taala has told the truth in The Holy Quran, and his prophet has conveyed the true message, that whosoever will seek the luxury and fame of this world by their Aamaal, we will give them every bit and piece of return in this world. And in Akhirat they will not get anything except the fire of the hell.And all their good deeds will become waste, and useless and of no value.
So, the noorani Aamaal will create noor only if they are done with Ikhlas only for the sake of Allah and Akhirah. That’s why on one hand you have to engage yourself in these Aamaal and at the same time to be careful about your intention.
If shaytan fails in removing someone from good deed then he infiltrate through the corruption in intention. If the action ordered by Allah is not done for the sake of Allah then it will not have connection with Allah, and they cannot become waseela to Allah for acceptance and his pleasure. That’s why you have to strive on both fronts. 
One is the deep involvement in those Aamaal that please Allah and second to be careful about the intention. This means that with all actions only pleasure of Allah should be seeked. Alla success is in acceptance of Allah and his displeasure carries only failures.

The actual work to do in the path of Allah are four
 I have already talked that during your stay in the path of Allah in jamaat you have keep yourself busy in four works.
The first Priority work
1.    The Dawah of Emaan Faith and the Aamaal related with it. For this Dawah you have avenue like Umoomi Gusht (Meeting in locality door to door) Khussosi Gusht (Going to meet a particular person in the locality). The manners and etiquettes will be told at the time of Gusht. You should listen to them carefully. When you will go out in market for giving Dawah, the shaytan will draw your attention towards the materialism of market places. So before going out you should pray to Allah to save yourself from the the Shar (ill effect) of your Nafs and Shaytan. May Allah give us taufeeq to do the work of dawah according to his pleasure? You should have full Faith on Allah, his greatness, his high and incomparable qualities, his name and attributes.  The gaze should be lower down. Your objective of pleasing Allah should be always in front of your eyes, like when a diseased person goes to hospital then the ill person and his relatives’ donot involve in buildings, and decoration Rather they only remain concerned about the treatment of the diseased.
              In Khusoosi Gusht if the person to whom you have gone to meet is not interested at that time, you should wrap up the talk with intelligence and should arrange meeting at different time. And we should do dua for him. If he is free and ready to listen at that time, we should put complete Dawah and should also encourage him to spare some time for the Path of Allah.
            In this khusoosi gusht if you are meeting an Aalim, religious scholar, 
In Umoomi gusht it should be tried that people should gather in mosque and then a talk is arranged on Emaan Faith, Salat, Zikr of Allah, Ilm e deen, Akhlaq Islamic etiquettes, and deeni jad o jehad. There must be attempt to do Tashkeel for making Jamaat to go in the path of Allah. Don’t limit upto doing tashkeel rather those who have given their name for going in the path of Allah make arrangement for their proper Jamaat. And to the best of your ability you should ensure that their time in the path of Allah be utilized properly so that they could get full befit.
Rest of the brothers who are not ready to go in the path of Allah at this time should be encouraged for joining local gusht, local ijtema, Taleem at Masjid and at home, zikr and to be punctual for Salat. Proper arrangement should be made for all these.

Dua is the most important and soul of all effort of Dawah
When in connection with dawat all the above effort is complete then like a farmer who mix his seed in farm and then repose faith on Allah for crops, do dua to Allah with full attention that only Allah has control over the heart. Only Allah give taufeeq for Emaan and Aamal e saleha to whom he wants and does not give who he rejects.
The second Priority work
After Dawah the second important work is Taleem o Taallum (Learning seeking knowledge and Teaching through interdependent system). When you sit for taleem sit with respect, and your heart should feel the greatness of knowledge brought by prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam from Allah. There should be muzakra of the Fazail and you should also remember Masnoon Dua. (Dua reported by Prophet for different occasion)
The third Priority work
After Dawah and Taleem remaining time you should devout for Ibaadat, Offer the Nawafil, Recite The Holy Quran or do zikr of Allah.
The fourth Priority work
The fourth work is Service of slaves of Allah. (Service of creations of Allah will bring you closer to Allah) 
One example
As during offering Salah a person alwys remain attentive and engaged either in Ruku Sajda or Qayam similarly a person in the path of Allah should remain attentive either to dawat, Taleem o Taallum, or zikr o ibaadat and service of creation of Allah.
So these four work will be done as main work during stay of the jamaat in the path of Allah so much so that these work should become an all time routine and become Mizaj.

These work will be done Ijtemai (collectively) and Infaradi (individually) both. 

The Ijtemai means those programme that are done under a Nizam like
§  Dawat in Umoomi gusht and Khususi Gusht,
§  Taleem in the time prescribed in Mashwara,
§  Offering Farz prayer with Jamaat (Takbeer e oola) Sunnah praryer before and after the Farz Prayer (as applicable),

§  Collective arrangement of stay and food etc.

Infaradee Aamal (Individual Aamal)
This will include Individual Dawah, Individual Taleem (seeking knowledge/learning), Individual Ibaadat, Individual Service. These individual work will be done in those hours where no Ijtamaee work is there. For example After lunch there is no collective Aamaal so this is a very good time for going to someone for Dawah, teaching learning of Dua, correction of Salat (Khushu Khuzu and Masael), offering Nafil Salat, or doing khidmat to anyone, these all will be counted in Infaradi Aamaal.

So these four work will be done as main objective work and we should devout in these work on full scale. Then these will bring Noor in their life and it will also spread to others.

Four Unavoidable Work (Basic necessities)

There are four unavoidable work. We have to engage in it but should not attend more than the requirement. These are
1.    Eating and drinking
2.    Sleeping
3.    Taking bath and nature calls
4.    Necessary talk with each other.
These are unavoidable necessities. We should give them as much time as required. Time should not be wasted other than requirement. For e.g normally six hour sleep is enough for a person.

Four thing to be abstained Fully.

Four things to abstain are (Don’t Do)
1.    Don’t do Sawal (asking something from anybody other than Allah like food, money etc), Rather you should not present your need to any human being in a way that he should give something. This is also a kind of Sawal. (Rather Jamaat will prepare its own food etc will not ask anything from local. Although if someone from local want to invite for food then it is different thing.)
2.    To save yourself from Ishraf (Ishraf can be defined as not telling something from tongue but in heart it is coming that locals should give us food etc, or any similar things.) It is sawal of heart in place of sawal of tongue.
3.    To save yourself from Israf and Fazool Kharchi [Spending money etc as immoderate (Lavis/wasteful/extravagant/unnecessary expenditure)]. This is an unwanted act all the time even being at home but in the path of Allah it affects other members of Jamaat also.
4.    You should not use anything without the prior permission of its owner.(even belongings of your fellow of jamaat). Sometimes it troubles the owner and islamically it is Haram. Although there is no harm in using it after taking permission from the owner.

These all were some important things necessary to practice and abide yourself in the path of Allah. Your day and night should be spent on these line.
You will travel and move on the earth of Allah with these Aamaal and will do effort on Allah creations and seek guidance from Allah for yourself, for ummat e Muslima, and for whole humanity. These all are your Amaal and your Wazeefa.
If you will do all this Allah who is Aarhamur Rahemeen will not keep you Mahroom (Unattended without acceptance).