Fabricated Hadith and Contradiction between Quran and Hadith

The unsound claim by Layman on Hadith

A certain person still wrote a very Vicious letter to Hadhrat Sheikh R A stating that this hadeeth is completely fabricated, entirely contradicts the ayats of the Quraan Kareem 

"And your Rabb has said ask of me and I will accept ...  "When my servants ask from Me then indeed i am near,. ," and also against reason, that it creates a poor opinion of Allaah Ta'ala etc.

Hadhrat Sheikhul Hadeeth R A very calmly gave an explanatory reply, 

"You have said there is open contradiction between the Quraan and this hadeeth, whereas to me the thought of it is also impossible. You have stated this hadeeth is fabricated, as yet I have not found any reference stating the same.

" For more detail on this reply please refer to 'Kutub Fazaail Par Ishkaalaat aur unke jawaabaat (p139-154 and p170-184)

(Taken from book Objection on Fazail e Amaal A basic Analysis