The Hadith of one Huqub Fazail e Amaal Fabricated Hadith Discussion Allegation answer

 The Quantity of One HUQUB and its Hadith Discussion 

It has been narrated that Rasulullaah sallallahu alaihi wasallam  has said ..that person who delays his salaat until the time of that salaat has passed, thereafter performs his salaat. He will be punished ill Jahanam for a period of one 'huqub' A 'huqub is a period of 80 years, each year is of 360 days and each day is equal to a thousand years.

The reason why I have chosen this hadeeth is that this has been a common target for all critics, in Hadhrat Sheikh's R A lifetime as well as after; many objections have been raised against this hadeeth. After quoting it Hadhrat Sheikh R A himself said,

 "I did not find this hadeeth in any of the hadeeth books that I have, except that it is mentioned in <Majaalisul Abraar', which has been praised by one of our mashaikh-spinual elders, Shah Abdul Aziz Dehlwi R A .

Hadhrat Sheikh R A knew that this will not suffice, that is why, because in the above mentioned hadeeth a severe admonishment has been mentioned for delaying salaat till after its stipulated time, he added:

 "In ‘Tafseer Ibn Katheer' it is mentioned. under the commentary of the verse "Destruction be on those performers of salaah! Who neglect to perform their salaat" from Ibn Abbaas R A  ( which is hukman marfoo'a-conftrmed order) "In Jahanam there is a pit, from which Jahanam itself seeks refuge 400 times a day. This is for those who do so for show from the Ummat of Muhammed sallallahu alaihi wasallam  . he then quotes an extract from 'Quratul ooyoon' from Ibn Abbaas R A that it is the dwelling of those who delay salaat until its time has passed.

 This same theme has been narrated from Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqaas R A marfoo'an (narrated without gap). Haakim and Baihaqi both said that it is sahee mowqoofan. ( narrated realiblywith out gap)

 All of these proofs together make it clear, that a severe punishment in Jahannam has been prepared for those who are negligent in their salaat, reading it after its time has expired, even if one huqub is not explicitly been proven.

That is why, when a few people advised Hadhrat R A  to exclude this hadeeth, Hadhrat R A replied "This incompetent one has still not understood the reason why this hadeeth should be removed" ('Kutube Fazaail par ishkalaat)