The Types of Tawheed its Definition Classification and Understanding

Notes on Categorization classification and three Types of Tawheed

Ibn Abi Al Izz Al Damishqi (D 792 A.H.) in his Famous Sharah Aqeedatut Tahawi has classified into two

1.   Tawheed al-ilahiyyah, or the belief in the unity of God the oneness of His Godhead, that Allah alone is to be worshiped, and no one else is to be worshiped.and matters concerning to attributes of Allah .


2. Tawheedar-rububiyyah (the oneness of His Lordship), which states that Allah alone create everything; and hold everything.

Some Other Scholars has divided into three categories.

1.     Tawheed ul-Uluhiyyah/Ibaadah  (Tawheed of Worship)


Tawheed of Worship means that all acts of worship belong to Allah alone, and no one else. All acts of worship Ibadah are purely and sincerely for Allah, not for idols, not for any Prophet, not for any Aulia Allah ,not for the universe, not for anything except the one Allah.


2.     Tawheed al-Rubbubiyyah   (Tawheed of Lordship)

Tawheed of Lordship means that you believe that there is only one  God, namely Allah, and that there are no other gods or goddesses. All form of Ibadah and Worship is only for Allah.It also means that all power, creation, and such things belong to Allah alone, for instance Allah alone is the creator of everything we see around us, and it is he who is in full control of them, and it is he who controls life and death and all such matters, and not anyone including our money/Position/ materialistic resources/worldpowers or any human or devine help other than Allah  else.


3.     Tawheed al-Asmaat wa-Sifaat (Tawheed of Allah's names and Attributes).

Tawheed al-Asmaat wa-Sifaat is the Tawheed of Allah's unique and exclusive Names and Attributes, this means a Muslim affirms a Name of Allah, and affirms that this Name is unique and exclusive to Allah alone, not for anyone else, and not for anyone else to be named with.

For example one of Allah's names is the All Knowing, this Name is unique for him alone because Allah is the only one who is All Knowing, and perfect in his knowledge, there is no created being who has such an attribute. The same applies to all of Allah's names, they are unique for him alone, and not for others.

Here It is important to be clarified that ........

1.    This division of Tawheed into two/three is not from The Prophet of Allah or from Sahba. Although its meaning  is established from Quran and Hadith.
2.    These classification has been done by scholars for better and easy understanding purpose
3.    There is no question on validity of classifcation.and its is a true classification.
4.    One must not get confused about there being three types/categories of Tawheed of Allah. Essentially all categories fall within the single term of Tawheed. Rather all the categories are all connected to Allah only Simple word Tawheed also encompass all these. 

5.       It is incorrect to say that if someone is not using these term that mean his Aqeedah/Emaan/Yaqeen/belief is weak. This claim is not CORRECT and acceptable. Sahabas did not use these term for the classification of Tawheed  but their Imaan was most strong.