The Detail about Compilation of Fazail e Amaal

Compilation of 'Fazaail A'amaal'

The entire kitaab which is famous by 'Tableeghi Nisaab' or 'Fazaail A'amaal' was not exactly planned out by Sheikhul Hadeeth R A, Each section is a separate book which was written by Sheikhul Hadeeth R A at different times on requests from different people. The elders of the Tableegh Jamaat selecled this book for the deeni-religious- education and reformation of those going out in the path of Allaah.
 Thal is why some publishers prinled it with the title
'Tableeghi Nisaab'. This title lasted for a long lime.
Later afler ....onsidering the actual subject mauer, it was
printed as 'Fazaail A'amaal'.

Details of each kitaab
 1) fazaail Quraan majeed: Writing of this book started in the beginning of Dhul-Hijjah 1348 A.H and was completed on the 29 Dhul-Hijjah 1348 A.H. It was written on the request of Shah Yaseen Sahib Nageenwi R A, who was the Khalifah of Hadhral Moulana Rasheed Ahmed Ganghohi R A

 2) Fazaail Ramadaan: This book was written on the request of Hadhrat's uncle, Moulana Muhammed ilyaas R A, founder of the Tableegh Jamaat. Hadhrat R A began writing in Ramadaan 1349 (A.H) and completed it on the 27 Ramadaan.

3) Fazaail Tableegh: This was also written on the request of Hadhrat Moulana Muhammed ilyaas R A It was completed on the 5 Safar 1350 (A.H). It was written in a few day.

 4) Stories ofthe Sahabah R A: In Safar 1357 (A.H) during a journey to Ajrarah, in Meerat, Hadhrat R A suffered severe blistering. These blisters burst and for almost two hours blood flowed continuously. Doctor.; advised against any mentally strenuous activities for the next few months. Hadhrat Shah Abdul Qaadir Raaipuri R A had been appealing to Hadhrat R A.
for the past four years to write a book on stories of the Sahabah. Sheikhul Hadeeth R A said " I took this sickness as a blessing. in fulfillment Moulana's wishes, while resting; I began to write until I finished on the 12 Shawwaal 135' (A.H).
(Some writer has spreaded a false rumour that Fazail e Amaal was written when writer was mentaly sick. They mischievously present the above disease and fact to support their false claim. It was Nakseer (Blistering) and not any mental disease and only Stories of Sahaba was collected in this period. May Allah give hidayat to these people who are making false propaganda. )

 5) Fazaail Namaaz: This was also written in fulfillment of Moulana Muhammed llyaas's R A wishes. It was completed on 7 Muharram 1358 (A.H).

 6) Fazaail Dhikr: This was also written on the request of MouJana Muhammed ilyaas R A. It was completed on Friday 26 Shawwaal1358 (A.H).

 7) Fazaail Hajj: This was written on the earnest appeal of Hadhratjee Moulana Muhammed Yusuf R A Writing began on 3 Shawwaal 1366 A.H and completed on 14 Jamaadal oowla1367 A.H. The Kitaab was written while residing in Markaz Nizaamudien.
The riots which had broke out in 1947 detained Hadhrat R A in Nizaamudien for four months. Sheikhul Hadeeth R A said "The book itself was completed in Shawwaal but a few naratives were added on my return to Saharanpur." The acceptance and benefits of this kitaab are numerous; Sheikhul Hadeeth R A said "Thousands of letters have reached me that due to this kitaab, Hajj and Ziyaarat was made more pleasurable.

 8) Fazaail Sadaqaat: Moulana Muhammed ilyaas R A with great emphasis requested two more kitaabs to be written, Fazaail zakaat and Fazaail Tijaarat. In accordance with Moulana's wishes.
Hadhrat Sheikhul Hadeeth R A began writing Fazaail Sadaqaat in Markaz Nizaamudien. This was completed on the 22 Safar 1368 A.H in Saharanpur.
 9) Fazaail Durood: This was Hadhrat Sheikh's R A last book written on fazaail. This was also written on the request of Sheikh Yaseen Sahib Nageenwi R A. Shah Sahib R A passed away on 30 Shawwaal 1360 A.H but made a waseeyat-bequest- that Hadhrat Sheikh R A should still complete writing this kitaab. SheikhuI Hadeeth R A said "My own misdeeds did not afford me the opportunity, but while in Madinah in 1383 A.H a dire need to write this kitaab began. On my return still I postponed it. Finally on the 25 Ramadaan 1384 A.H I began and after continuous writing completed it on 6 Dhul-Hijjah 1384 A.H." (Aap Beti vol2 page/78)
There is no need to describe how AIlaah Ta'ala has accepted these works. Supporters and critics alike are forced to admit, that no other worldly book by any author  is read as much as the book under discussion.

 The way of the world is such that stones are thrown at every fruit laden tree, the sun with all its radiance lights up the entire world yet its scorching temperatures cannot be endured. In this manner, many factions have raised objections on this book and expressed their disapproval. I am not denying the fact that besides the book of AlIaah,and words of Prophet  no other book in this world is free from fault. Many great scholars might have erred in some way or the other but these errors pale in comparison to the multitude of good that their works entail and neither did any faction pay much heed to these errors.