The Reason of Division and Disputes among the Muslims Group

(This article has come as forwarded message to us for posting in the blog for the benefit of muslims.JAZAKALLAH)

The following are some of the reasons of chaos and groupism between flag bearer and supporters of mainstream muslim groups, organisations, movements and individuals
(i.e Barelvi ,  salafi, deobandi , ahle hadith , Ahle Madaris, Ahle khanqah Ahle Tareeqat, Jamaat e islami, Tablighi jamaat, Kerala Sunni AP, Kerala Sunni EK,Kerala Mujahid KNM,Kerala Mujahid Madavoor, Kerala Mujahid Zuber Mangla,Followers of Dr. zakir naik, Maulana kaleem and similar personalities ).

Islam is a natural religion and the only way of salvation for whole mankind till the day of qiyamat. Islam is very clear and easy to understandable religion. Rather Allah ahs kept it easy so that each and every person could follow it without any difficulty. Allah has given clear command against groupism.

Academic Discussion or Sectarian war?
 Current Discussion and Controversies among general Muslims affiliated to different groups offline on street and Online on Face book/you Tube videos/Islamic Forums on internet on subject of Taqleed (Following a Mazhab) /Details of prayer like Ameen loud or silent, Position of hand etc. has crossed the limit of any academic pursuit and has become a sectarian war (Mostly verbal sometimes Physical).

The Righteous Scholar (Ulma e Haq) Vs Speakers?
Great Ulemas are not on the scene in this group fighting anywhere especially on internet. You will never see head/Amir/president is discussing arguing with head of Rather they have mostly harmonious relation and respect each other. They sit together and praise each other in conferences and in their personal letters.

There is another set of People on Internet/Facebook/ You tube videosThose who are fighting are actually Non Scholar /general Muslim flag bearers and some of the speaker on You tube/(Internet Sheikhs).We call them internet sheikhs because most of this group polemicist otherwise has no ranking in terms of knowledge of Quran and Hadith even in their group but on internet they are presenting as Great Scholar /Fazilatus Sheikh/Allama /Great Mufti.
There are some people on facebook even their real Identity is unknown and the manner they put Postings and comments, at times what to talk about Muslims even a gentle non muslim will not do in such bad manner and words.

Ulma e Haq (Righteous Scholars) are isolated?
Ulema e Haq (The Virtuous Scholars) of Ummat are very good people and are not involved in any hate campaign against any group. We talked many of them from different schools and they are in much pain, they want to end this trend of groupism but they feel themselves helpless and not able to withstand the firebrand speakers/ writers who are active online and offline. The Ulmae Haq feels isolated and restricts themselves under the wall of Madarsas and Islamic Institution.

All Muslim Groups are suffering?
Although all Muslims are in pain and deep anguish because of this problem but it is also a fact that their pain is not reflecting in any effort to rectify it. Believe me all groups are suffering because of it and a good amount of resources is being engaged in defense. They are victim at one point of time and offender on other point it is only matter of time. All are in pain. E.g. If you search You tube the same speaker will offend other in one video and will become victim of others criticism in next video.

Is there organized effort to tackle the menace?
Do you know any ?
There is hardly any organized effort to end this offline and online group fighting. There is nothing going on ground. Internet is an easy medium to propagate anything. There are many campaign going on internet and that is visible and obviously having an impact. But hardly any online effort is going on to rectify the problem of groupism. If you are in doubt just Google it with different key words. You will be disgusted to know that apart from some discrete blogs and some comments there is nothing on internet to solve this issue of groupism among general public.

Only 2-5% Muslims involved in groupism but group flag bearers are active & Organized to spread the menace. While 95% good Muslims are silent.
On the other hand those who are increasing groupism and hatred are very active on Internet and Social Media and it is their main tool of hate campaign. With nearly 850 million active user on internet is very important tool for any good or bad.
The good Muslims who don’t want group fighting are overwhelming majority (nearly 95%) but they are silent. They are feeling pain from groupism but not expressing it. The golden rule is Don’t Ragg and don’t be a silent listener of it.

Disconnect between Ulama e Haq & General Muslims?
When these controversial issues is brought (e.g Questions like Where to place hand in prayer, Ameen loud or silent etc) the general Public does not consult the Ulama e Haqq.
It is also a fact that general public has no access to them directly. Public is not ready to take pain and visit Ulmae Haqq. And on the other Hand Ulmae Haqq also does not spare much free time to entertain general Public. There are some means to get in touch with Ulema if the public is active seeker, but there is no option for passive seeker. It is the main deficit that has given free hand to nuisance speaker.

What the most people Do in controversy/ group flag bearer bring a contentious issue?
When encountered with, Most of the Muslims do anyone of three actions.
1. They remain silent and just ignore it. (They should instead consult ULMA E HAQ)
2. They accept the biased and concealed version of a fire brand speaker of one group, and become part of problem and fire brand in making.
3. They consult another firebrand of opposite group and take and spread their version.  And this attack and counterattack keeps on going unabated.

Campaign to Revive Islamic Ethics of Disagreement (CRIED) &
Campaign Against Groupism (CAG)?

These 2 campaign has been started by some weak slaves of Allah to do something to stop this menace of groupism between general Muslims. Your co-operation is needed for spreading this message. Allah is all doer and he can do anything. We should be optimistic from Allah.

What will you get with this campaign?

Certain things are very clear.
1. A great Reward from Allah is certain innamal Aamalu binniyat. Allah does not judge on the basis of the result rather on the basis of intention and sincere result.
2. So even if one person does not leave the groupism there could be 100% reward for those who will do effort to decrease this menace with correct intention.
3. The talk against Groupism will come into online domain. Once it will come in domain many competent Muslims will start doing effort at different level.
4. The first 2 chapters of the book are Quran Ayats and Ahadith against groupism and detail about Muslim rights and relation with other Muslims. At least those who will read this booklet and understand these will no do groupism.

Is Many of my friend and well wisher are of the view that
1. There is no solution as the cancer of groupism has progressed too much.
Our view: We should hav faith on Allah who can make possible from Impossible.
2. The big leaders of groups are not involved in this campaign so there is no use.
Our view:
1. The big leaders are agreed that menace of groupism should end.
2. We are dealing with groupism in general Muslims. The most of the differences of mainstream muslim groups leaders are of acceptable difference of opinion.
 so big leaders are not directly involved.
3. As being realistic we are also expecting an overnight turnout and groupism will vanish

Reasons of Groupism Summary of the Above

1.Not knowing the islamic concept of acceptable difference of opinion & ethics of disagreement.

2. Not Knowing that there are different field of service of Islam and they are complimentary to each other. They need cooperation and not unhealthy competition.

3. General muslims lack of knowledge about cardinal principle of aqeedah that is very simple and clear.So general Muslims are being fooled by many orators and sopeakers.

4. Mixing of the fiqh (Jurisprudence) issue with aqeeda issue.

5.Making subsidiary issue of aqeeda as primary issue of aqeeda. Discussing those matters that has not been discussed by Sahaba and Salaf. Not stopping where Sahaba stopped.

6. Lack of contact of ulmae haq with general muslims.

7. Unhealthy competition between orators of different group.

8.Silence of good muslim (ulema&general muslim) against groupism.

9.No organised effort /movement for decreasing groupism.

10.Appreciation and monetary donation to  group orators by hardcore supporters.

WHILE IMAM OF MASJID/USTAD OF MSDARSA hardly gets 5-10 thousand rupees per month THESE ORATORS get 20-30 thousand per lecture.
One of my known person arranges AIR TICKET for group orator while Madarsa Ustad & masjid imams travels in sleeper class