fazail e amaal in arabic free download فضائل الأعمال الترجمة العربية

  فضائل الأعمال الترجمة العربية
تحقيق وتخريج احاديث

This Arabic Translation of Fazael Amaal also has Refrences (Tahqeeq& Takhreej) of Ahadith  

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for Arabic to English Translation of Ahadith Reference (Footnotes)  
The Fazail e Amaal is already available in English. Just Footnotes (Referencing of Ahadith) needs to be translated and then they will be added.
If anyone interested for tranlation ,kindly let us know. Can also refer to others .
The arabic translation has been done by scholars under supervision of Maulana Talha Kandhalvi Damat Barkatuhum. 
The research work in ahadith has been done by Hazrat Maulana Abdur Rasheed Nadwi db Ustad Hadith Nadwatul Ulema Lucknow

and the foreword by 

Hazrat Maulana Muhammed Rabe Hasani sahab Nadwi damathu barakatuhum Vice Chancellor of Darul Uloom Nadvatul Ulema and President All India Muslim Personal Law Board.

 Maulana has done a great work in collecting and mentioning dalael with sharah of hadees.
The Importance of Virtues (Fazail) in Muslims Life
It is a fact that the force that is encouraging and moving the steering wheel of our 
life and by which the world is racing is actually belief of profit and desire to make 
secure future. 

This belief of profit and secure future actually drives a farmer out of his bed towards his   field in bitter cold and he reaches the field    even before sunrise. And he remains in the       field  even in scorching sun perspirating      continuously. 

The same belief compels a business man out of home and doing travels leaving luxury of 
home. The same make for a soldier, death as easy and life as difficult. He leaves his beloved 
son at home and go out in the battle field.These are due to certainty of benefit and 
expectation of a secure future. 

But above all the above mentioned examples one more belief is there that is most certain and most secure and most result oriented. That is those benefits that the messenger of Allah used to convey for human being. The message given by Wahee (Divine revelation) in the books of Allah and prophet words in Hadith has revealed these most truthful news and confirmed benefits. 

That we can name as Reward in life after death and pleasure of Allah. 
This is called in Hadith as Eemaan and Ihtisab and this is the most vital deriving force for a muslim to strive and do good for reward in Akhirah 

Maulana llyas Rahmatullah well understood the critical importance of Virtues of actions, (Belief on eternal rewards in life after death and wordly benefit and Barkat of Islamic Faith and good deeds i.e.Emaan and Aamal e Slaiha,) in connecting Muslims with the life of Quran and Hadith (The Islamic way of life). 
It was his deep insight and understanding of Quran and Hadith, his cognition and 
understanding that he realized its significance and thrilling effect of virtues (Fazail) for deriving 
anyone towards the command of Allah and path of Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi wasallam. 

Maulana llyas used to say that knowledge of Fazail virtues take precedence over the 
knowledge of Masail (jurisprudence). The virtues gives the belief on the reward in the life 
after death. And this is the state of eeman to belief on unseen return blessing and reward. And 
a person get ready to do Aamaal e Slaiha. The requirement of knowing the jurisprudence 
detail will be only if a person is ready for doing that action. (If a person is not ready for 
offering Salat for him what is the use of detail of Faraiz and Sunnan of Salat) 

To fulfill this important need Hazrat sheikh compiled the Series of virtues Most of these books were written on the advice of Maulana llyas Rahimullah while Fazaile 
Darood and Fazail e Quran has been written on the advice of Maulan Yaseen Nageenvi 

In His book Fazaile Sadqat (VOL 2) (Virtues of Charity) This book also includes Units on Social Etiquettes rights of Parents, Relative, Neighbors, Zakat, Rights ofUIema and 
the character of pious Ulema summary from Imam Gazhali Book and several others important topics) the Stories the pious Aulia Allah has further cemented the concept of Akhirah, critical importance of preparation of life after death the transitory 
nature of this world. So all these series of Fazail e Aamal are very effective and