Abed khan Sb Hyderabad intention at age of 16 for deen

.............He went to banglay wali masjid (markaz Delhi,India), he was sitting there when Moulana Yousuf (rah) called him and grasped him. The words said by Abed Khan sahab are recorded till today by many elders, he said

“ Amir, I have come here for the cause of Allah, I have come here to work for islam, give me permission from today I will not go to my home”. His age when he spoke like this was only 16 years (may Allah give barakath in his life).

I heard one of elders saying about him “ A boy tied Kaffan (cloth in which a dead body is kept) on his head at the age of 16, to die spreading Islam”.

Allah has given him such a blessing lakhs of people changed their lifes form his nasihath(good words).

At present his age is around 60 years (may Allah give barakath in his life).

His mother was so pious that once she forgot her shoe in drawing room, some people came to see Abed khan sahab, when they went away his mother was crying inside, he asked mother why are you crying ? she answered that a namaharam(one who is not a immediate relation to a women) has seen my shoe.

Today also there are some women who take this much care about their veil, so they are blessed with such children who change the world.

People of India especially people of Hyderabad like Abed khan very much, his way of speaking is distinguished from others, even the people who dont like tabligh (not knowing the truth behind it) call Abed khan sahab for speeches in their religious gathering.

Because he never talk showing others mistakes.

He was so much overwhelmed by people that elders of tabligh had to stop him from speeches and public gathering for about 8 or 10 years.

Because people were getting influenced by his personality and getting attracted towards him. And the work of tabligh is to call towards Allah and his prophet Mohammed (sallallahu alaihi wasallam), and not towards any person or any group.

Now he his above 60 years and ill (may Allah give barakath in his life), he cant even sit properly, but he did not forget the promise he has made at the age of sixteen. He still call people towards islam and people who don’t like to do tabligh also cannot stop crying in his speech.As soon as he completes the speech bodyguards surround him now as he is old and ill and people just run towards him. Even if president of India comes there will not be so rush. But the people who work for Allah, Allah gives them such position in this world and inshallah in the hereafter that just people see their status by opening their mouth.

Listen to his speech :

( In the following link u will find bayans of Abed khan sahab below of Hyderabad ijtema. Listen to a,b,c parts, it was raining heavily so he started dua, normally dua is done on last day. As soon as he started dua rain was stopping, as soon as he stopped dua and started speech rain was starting(part c). 10 to 12 lakh people witnessed rain playing on dua of Abed khan sahab, Allahuakbar (everything on this earth in done by Allah )