Moulana Jamal-ur-rahman from Hyderabad in china

A great scholar Moulana Jamal-ur-rahman from Hyderabad (brother of mufti Nawal-ur-rahman), went to china for the cause of Allah along with his friends, one of his friends explained how muslims are there in china.

They welcomed them affectionately. Where ever Moulana went along with his friends people used to stand beside roads for viewing them.

Translator said to Moulana that they were telling showing their small children

“ See muslims will be like this ”. They usually don’t see people with Sunnah dress.

When Moulana stayed at hotel they used to bring some eatables and keep there and go away they

could not talk since they don’t know language, but they use to simply grasp Moulana and his friends and cry.

 Imagine friends how much respect they have for the people who work for the cause of Allah, though they don’t have good knowledge of Islam and everywhere there is communism.

Even in the country like china where communism is spread all over. Our elders have sacrificed for the cause of Allah.