Fazl e karim Sb: from a DON life to Great caller of Emaan

...............He had a rowdy sheet (I fear uttering these words) on his name. Police always kept an eye on him. He was a big don (I fear uttering these words) in his area. It was his life before........................

Allah blessed him and on tashkeel he went in jamath. He knew the truth of life there and he repented from all his bad deeds. He later on became so pious and god fearing that elders say about him Moulana yousuf (rah) also a great scholar and god fearing man and amir of Tabligh used to ask him “ Fazlay karim I know Allah helps you, but I want to see Allah's help to you through my eyes, please show me once ”

He was a taxi driver and earned his living through it. And spent much in cause of Allah. He was a not an alim (scholar). I heard from elders one man asked him we are muslims we have emaan on Allah we don’t need to work on emaan. For this fazl e karim (rah) did 40 days speech only on emaan to him. After listening to speech that man said I didn’t really knew what emaan is till now.

Though he was not a scholar he was made Amir of Scholars. They used to be astonished when fazl e karim (rah) used to talk over emaan.

Why he was Amir of scholars we can understand from this !

Once Fazl e karim (rah) went to saharanpur to meet Zakariya (rah), Zakariya (rah) asked Fazl e karim (rah) to talk over emaan in the gathering and he sat infront of him. When Fazl e karim (rah) completed his speech Moulana Zakariya (rah) was crying and asked him “ please tell me do you think I have such emaan on Allah ” ( Allah hu akbar - Allah blessed this only to those people)

So every one call him with respect “ From don to Amir of Alim’s ”

I heard about him from many great people, I just couldn’t imagine people can change like him and have emaan like him. There is more to tell about him.
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