Hazrath Nayeemullah khan sahab Andhra Pardesh (Hyderabad)

Amir-e-mohtaram Hazrath Nayeemullah khan sahab :

...............................A very old man who cannot walk properly, you cannot understand his words unless you pay special attention(may Allah give barakath in his life). 

But when he speaks (only in mashwara) people throw their ears to him, it looks as though every living thing present there are listening to his words. There is no mashwara I have seen in which he did not cry for muslim ummah. Sometimes even if the name of Allah comes or Prophet Mohammed (s.a.s), Quran or ummah he just cries of.
Really he loves all of us very much.

I have seen with my own eyes Akabir (elders) of Delhi markaz standing in line for musafa (shaking hands). when amir sahab came to markaz, I too was present that time. He never came in front of people and only do little nasihath. But it will be more powerful than a bayan of any great scholar. Really if you see him you will understand how a muslim should think about ummah.

Its just because of people like them who cry for ummah, this world is running or else Allah would have sent wrath on us for our deeds.

Listen to his nasihah :

(Article Taken from a forwarded message by unknown brother. Allah knows him he will give him reward. We acknowledge with Jazakallah o Khair)