Saeed Anwar cricketer explaining that majority of Dawah tabligh worker are not rich

Saeed Anwar went on to explain Jamat experience.

"When you are sick, the doctor gives you the right kind of medicine and tells you what to eat and what not to eat..this is what we do to the people", he said about spiritual treatment.
The audience put a question

But that drew questions from the audience about..............................

................ how an ordinary man can ever attend to the Jamat when he has to work every day to make both ends meet, unlike Saeed Anwar who is already wealthy from his cricketing success.
 Anwar replied. 
Ninety-nine percent of the people working for the Jamat are not well-to-do financially. There are very few well-heeled people attached to the Jamat,

He said that even people with meager incomes, once they understand the purpose of their life, have undertaken local as well as foreign tours in Jamats.