Welcome,acceptance and Hardship,rejection for a daee in the path of Allah

The Discourses of Hadrath Ml Ilyas ra:

In one meeting he remarked:

our workers must remember well that if their da'wah (invitation) is not accepted and instead they are
insulted, they should not become despondent and frustrated.

On such an occasion they should remember that this was the sunnat (established way) and heritage of the ambiya (alayhimus salaam), especially that of our nabi (sallAllahu alaihi wa sallam).

Where does everyone get the good fortune of being belittled and degraded in the path of Allah? And wherever they are welcomed and honoured, they should appreciate this and when people listen with enthusiasm to their talks it must be considered a favour from, Allah and at no time should they be indifferent to these favours. It should be considered a great favour to serve mid teach these people even if they may be considered to be of the lower classes.

In fee quran we are reminded of this in the ayat:
He frowned and turned away, when the blind approached him for guidance.

At the same time one must keep a check on the deception of one's own nafs. The nafs should not consider this acceptance as its own perfection. This may lead to the fitnah (corruption) of hero worship. Therefore one should always be on one's guard.

In one gathering he said:

all workers must be made to understand that in this path, we should not ask for calamities and hardships.
The devotee should at all times request from Allah aafiyah (safety, ease and comfort). If they meet any difficulty, they should
consider it to be a mercy, a compensation for their sins and a means of raising their spiritual stages.
This was the special food of the ambiyaa and the siddiqeen (truthful) and those near to Allah.