The great Daee of our time Maulana Umar Palanpuri Sacrifices for the Deen

Maulana Abdurrahman Patel mentioned this story:
Once, Maulana Umar Palanpuri  went, from his locality, to drop off a jamaa'at at Nizamuddin. 

(The jamaa'ah was from his locality, they were going out through Nizamuddin, Maulana was just dropping them off).

On reaching there, the elders ordered him to also join the jamaa'at. So, he joined them and remained with them until they were returning back home.

But, before they returned, Maulana Umar recieved a letter from Nizamuddin, saying that a nearby location (forgot its name) was having its first ijtima, and he should go there. Thus, when the jamaa'at returned home, Maulana Umar continued to the ijtima.

When he returned from the ijtima to Nizamuddin, the elders told him that a jamaa'at was being formed to Diyaar al-Muqaddasa, and he was the best person to join the jamaa'at. So he went with that jamaa'at too, until their time ended.

He had went to drop off a jamaa'at to Nizamuddin but ended up spending a year and half in the Path of Allah !!

He showed such tolerance and balance in his discourses. He always encouraged Tablighis to show humility, work with the Ulama and asked non-Tablighis to demonstrate forbearance and the Ulama to overlook the excess of laypeople engaged in the effort of Tabligh. Above all, he worked for and lived for Islam. 
This is the difference between orators who have a momentary effect on listeners and individuals who live and die for Almighty Allah.

Once a man asked Moulana Umer Sahab Palanpuri Rh, why you people spend so much money on ijtemas , if this money will contribute on any poor people they will atleast get something. So moulana replied very humbly why don't you stop those people who are shaving off their beard. If we collect one person's tool(for shaving off their beard) just imagine how much money people are wasting. 
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