Imam Abu Mawahib Abdul Wahabb Sha'rani Egyptian Muslim Philospher Scholar writer, of AL MEEZAN on discussion on Maslak and creed

Sha'rani, Imam Abu Mawahib Abdul Wahabb 
b. 897HI1493 
An Egyptian Muslim philosopher and sufi of the.early period of Islam, He was a carpet manufacturer by profession. 
He wrote many books on various sciences of Qur'an, Hadees, fiqh, faith, grammar, etc. 
His book, 'Al-Meezan', is specially very famous, (in which there is a discussion on the maslak the creed) of the various Imams. 
He was a . yery honest and thoroughly accomplished sufi. He wrote his biography Which depicts his potentials and it big account of his God gifted capacities  "